Britain’s Got Talent Auditions, Cardiff 26 January 2011

My partner and me went to watch the live auditions for BGT in the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff last week. We got the tickets for free from applause store, the only problem with these tickets is that if you aren’t a VIP member even though you have a ticket you aren’t guaranteed entry, it is on a first come first served basis. We got there an hour before the doors were due to open and got in no problem.

While shivering in the queue we had to do several shots for the film crews, the usual waving hands and shouting “welcome to Cardiff”, we didn’t get to shout “Cardiff’s Got Talent” though, and I had that one rehearsed! We were stood quite close to the camera so I’m hoping they use the shots from Tuesday so I can avoid looking a fool on TV!

Ant & Dec (my childhood favourites back when they were PJ & Duncan) came out to do some shots with the crowd, this excited me as I like them both very much!
We also saw the judges, Amanda Holden, The Hoff and Michael McIntyre making their entrances into the venue.

I was shocked by how small Ant & Dec are in ‘real life’! Also Amanda is very skinny, bar the pregnancy bump! Michael McIntyre is also very short!

Our seats weren’t the best, but they were good enough.
The judging panel is a fantastic one, Michael McIntyre is a comedy genius, had me in stitches the whole time! Taking the mick out of the Welsh quite often but in a good way! He was always doing silly little things between acts to keep us entertained. The Hoff and Amanda are also both very entertaining!

I was shocked at how loud the buzzers are in real life! Literally jumped out of my seat every time someone got buzzed!

We saw a wide variety of acts, some talented and some useless!! The ones that stick in my mind are The Claw, a dance act who wouldn’t reveal his true identity as it would upset people if they knew what he was doing! To quote Michael it was “like something out of a film”! The last act that came on were an all male band, with violins and cellos and stuff, they were very slick and very good! There was also a young lad from Plymouth who sang and played a guitar, looked like he would be horrific but was actually VERY good! Goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover!

I’m now really looking forward to seeing the auditions on TV in the summer, to look out for me and Spencer plus the acts we saw!

Here are some photos from my day ….

Quite small but this is Ant & Dec


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