Hi all

I hope you’re having a happy Tuesday! I have been in quite a good mood all day despite the fact that the weather is horrific, which is unusual for me!

Disgusting weather but still smiling
Poor Kitty, she gets upset when its raining and wants to go out as she won’t go out in it

When straightening my hair this morning I was pleased to see that it seems to have had sudden growth spurt! Yay!

(ignore the dodgy concentration face, too early in the morning!)

I then had an okay-ish day in work, as good as it can be in work lol, followed by a really good session at the gym. I can now tell that I am getting used to the gym as I was able to push myself more than usual. I got home from work and cooked a lovely tea for me and Spencer, which we actually ate at the table, we never eat at the table but today I decided that we must start doing this. Usually both of us eat at the sofas with a laptop by our side – not good!! Was a change to sit down and have some pleasant chit chat over a nice meal.

I was then notified that I had won the fabulous Mrs C’s giveaway. I haven’t been blogging or entering the giveaways for very long so was shocked to win being such a newbie! I am looking forward to receiving this fab prize!

My prize 🙂
Mrs C also has another giveaway coming up, when she hits 75 followers she is automatically entering all exisitng followers into a giveaway to win this.

I am now watching the last in the serious of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, totally love this programme and the insight it gives us into a travellers life style, sometimes I feel sorry for them, sometimes they frustrate me (how do they pay for these weddings!?!?) and sometimes I actually respect their principles. Which is strange as I never thought any of the gypsy girls around here would have such high morals!

My lovely cat Flick is saying hi!!



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