Frugal Feb, Day 1

Sooo I’m participating in Frugal Feb, this is basically where you only buy essentials for the whole of February! You are still allowed to buy birthday presents and socialise.

Day one doesn’t sound too good, at a total spend of £20! BUT I haven’t actually failed the challenge!

The items I bought were a Pyrex jug (£2) as I found my old one smashed in the dishwasher this morning!
An exfoliating mitt (£1), I recently suffered with an ingrown hair infection. I had my bikini line waxed for the first time since this on the weekend and was told to buy an exfoliating mitt to prevent further in grown hairs.
The big spend was a birthday present for my niece’s 2nd birthday on 27 February. I bought her a gorgeous nautical style jacket and top with a little denim skirt, coming in at a total of £17 I think it was a total bargain!

So all in all, day 1 of Frugal February has been a successful one as only essentials bought! 🙂


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