Monday Madness

So today’s post is nothing at all like planned, because I’m sooo excited!!!

It started as a normal mundane Monday. Went to work early as I had a blood test at the Doctors before work, which resulted in being stuck on a bus full of school kids, grrrr! Really wish the schools would sort out transport for them!

I hate blood tests, my arm still kills, give me a tattoo or piercing any day!

After a long day in work me and three of my four bridesmaids went down to our local Wetherspoons as they were holding a Wedding Fayre. We went along to have a nose thinking it’d be absolute rubbish. We had food there too so that the evening wasn’t a complete waste.

I checked my phone when we were sat there to find that I had won a competition with Boohoo! If you don’t follow them on Twitter then do so as they hold regular giveaways where you choose what you want to win! I picked a lace coat and I cannot wait to receive it!

The fact that I’ve won this doesn’t mean that I’m going to be all about boohoo again now as I am still in the middle of an ongoing dispute with them. I sent items back to them in January, they emailed to confirm they received them on 07 Jan and I am still waiting for my refund. They have, however agreed that they will refund me the postage as a gesture of goodwill even though I did keep other items from the order. They won’t win the customer service stakes but they do have good giveaways and sell reasonably priced gorgeous clothes! 
I will do a post when I receive my mac.
This was apparently just the beginning of my good luck!! They were selling dresses at the Wedding Fayre, I’ve been joking for a while saying “oh yeah imagine when people ask where your wedding dress was from and you reply Pontypool Spoons”. Well that will now be my reply!! I never dreamed I’d actually buy one but I went upstairs to the ladies toilets (classy!) and tried it on and I love it! It retails at £795 but due to the fact that it is ex display stock and I bought it there and then I got it for £100!! I really couldn’t leave it! It is a bit small but as I’m not getting married until November 2012 I can work on that. They’ll also be able to alter it two sizes either way.
Certainly not the Monday I expected to have!
Back to the usual Monday round up post, today I weighed in at 12st 1/4, 1 & 1/4 pounds off from last week, again not great but the right way!
So I have had a very good Monday and I hope everyone else has too 🙂


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