Pirates, Lee Evans & Primark

Pirates, Lee Evans & Primark

Hi guys. So I’ve had an eventful weekend and I hope you guys have all had fun too 🙂

My weekend kicked off with a fantastic night out in Cardiff on Friday. It was Lisa from work’s 40th birthday, as usual my boss went all out on arranging a fantastic evening for her! The theme for the evening was pirates, we all dressed as pirates and poor Lisa was dressed as a parrot!!

The evening kicked off with a ride around Cardiff Bay on a speedboat!! OMG amazing! This was better than any roller coaster ride I have ever been on. Speeds of up to 85 mph, music blasting – good times! This is the firm we went with Cardiff Sea Safari. It didn’t do a lot for our hair and make up but thankfully we were dressed as pirates so it didn’t really matter!

We got dropped off near the Millenium Stadium where we then followed a map to tell us which pubs to go to! We had food in O’Neills, shots (and lots of them!) in Cougar Lounge followed by a good boogie in Flares! Fantastic night!

Lee Evans
On Saturday Spencer and I went to Cardiff Bay again where we watched Lee Evans warm up at The Glee Club. There were also another two acts on who were very funny! Watching Lee warm up was strange! He literally came on and read scripts from paper, from our reaction he decided if it needed to be worked on, scrapped or kept in readiness for his road runner tour! All in all it was a wicked evening, for £19 a ticket you couldn’t complain! This is what I wore…

Jumpsuit – ebay bargain, bag – Peacocks, tights – New Look, belt – New Look

Shoes – ebay bargain

necklace – Disney Couture

Today Spencer and I went to a Wedding Fayre at Chepstow Racecourse – what a waste of time! It was the worse Wedding Fayre I have ever attended, and I’ve been to a few! We literally lapped the room and left after 2 mins! There was hardly anyone there. We then decided to pop over to Chepstow market so it wasn’t a wasted journey, once again though complete waste of time! I remember that Chepstow market used to be huge, now there were more burger vans than stalls! We then nipped into Cwmbran where I had a mini Primark haul!

Today I wore this very old outfit…

 These are the items I bought from Primark (minus the boots and tights)…

Cardigan £12
Dress £7
Love double ring £1.50
Heart lace over the knee socks £1.50

God I love Primark!!

I am now chilling after a fantastic action packed weekend! Unfortunately they aren’t usually this eventful! I hope everyone else has had a fab weekend


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