Progress in Life 02 February 2011

Weight am : 12st 1 3/4
Attended gym : No, it was too dark and wet to go anywhere after work bar home, but I did do 10 mins on my rowing machine at home and almost died!
Naughties eaten : Way too many Cadburys fingers, a jaffa cake and a (very, very small) slice of chocolate cake, again, in my defence it is that time of the month.
Spends : £3, Porridge, peppers and cereal bars.
Selling on ebay : Two dresses and one pair of shoes, no bids yet, but one dress has two watchers and the pair of shoes have one watcher.

My fave piece of jewellery at the moment, I particularly love it teamed with this bargain jumper from Primark. Unfortunately I can’t actually remember where this necklace came from, knowing me it was ebay!!

Items that have tempted me…

♥ Paint Your Own Wellies £24.50


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