Roll up, roll up

Roll up, roll up

Hi all, so I’m going to do a bit of a round up of my week or something like that here!!

This week I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds, this means that since I started actively trying to loose weight on 09 January I have lost a total of 5 pounds, I weighed in this morning at 12 stone, which is 2 stone away from my target weight! Some of you may be wondering what I’m doing to loose weight. I’m just eating porridge for breakfast, a cereal bar for a mid morning snack, a tin of Heinz Big Soup for lunch and then a healthy evening meal. I’m sure I would be loosing more weight if I was doing this properly, but I can’t resist eating chocolate!! I think this is pretty good going seeings as I am still eating loads of chocolate on top of my diet plan! I’m also going to the gym.

I went to my sister’s house to watch the match (Wales v England, we lost) on Friday night. Only a sober night in with the girls. I ended up getting hammered and getting home at 6am!!! My sister’s partner came back from the pub with all the boys, they went to bed so me and some others moved onto another house party – so my quitting drinking mission isn’t going too well! After the hangover I suffered yesterday and am still suffering from today I may actually quit!! I had the mick taken out of me for my outfit Friday night, it was raining, windy and horrible. I had to walk to my sister’s and back so didn’t care! I actually love my packa mack despite what people say! As my one friend Kirsty says some of my clothes are horrible, but somehow I get away with it!!

Friday’s outfit
kitty and her chip!

Yesterday I didn’t change out of my PJs or leave the house at all, complete write off!! My partner bought us both a KFC when he went out. My random cat Kitty loves the chips from both KFC and McDonalds, she goes crazy for them! She chases them around the room for ages before finally eating them!!

Today’s Outfit      

Today was Spencer’s nan’s birthday so we went to the Greenmeadow Golf Club for a lovely Sunday lunch! I had Leek and Potato Soup to start, followed by a gorgeous beef dinner and a Moran for pudding, yum!!

I wore my new-ish dress from Primark. I bought it in January for a bargain £6! Today was the first time I wore it. I also revived an old pearl headband and my old pearl & bow necklace from Peacocks. The earings are also from Peacocks. This is one of my fave bracelets at the mo. It is an old bead and pearl bracelet which I have added some lovely charms to. A ice cream, lady bird, cocktail and cupcake. I got the charms from Avon. I chucked an old comfy cardy on over the outfit for the journey to and from the meal.

I’m now home and in my PJs, I’ve just polished off some birthday cake 🙂

I didn’t eat both pieces, one is Spencer’s 

I’ve seen several items that I really want to buy!!

Ladies ruched sleeve dress £22 Peacocks
Ladies Nehru Collar Dress, Peacocks, currently out of stock

Ladies Georgette Fluted Dress £20 Peacocks
Ladies Jolynne Canvas Boot £13 Peacocks

Unfortunately for me even though these items are very cheap I still can’t afford them…lets hope they’re in stock at the beginning of March when I get my next 40% discount vouchers 🙂

xoxoxoxoxoxo Happy Sunday people 🙂


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