Round up of the week last…

Firstly, happy valentines day all πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve all either been spoilt rotten or have treated yourself.

This morning I weighed in at 12 st 1 3/4, which unfortunately means I’ve been very naughty and put on 1 pound 3/4 πŸ™ I did have quite a bad week and its showing πŸ™ I went for a sauna & steam room sess one day but didn’t actually do any exercise!!! I also had an all day breakfast, chips & copious amounts of booze Saturday, followed by a Chinese last night. I stocked up on my tins of Big Soup in Asda just now so will try and be good for the rest of the week!

I’ve finally ordered some Barry M nail effects so am pretty excited about that coming back, can’t wait to try it out! I will do a blog about it when I’ve tried it!

I made my first Groupon purchase and am very excited about this! I’ve been looking for something a bit different to do for my birthday for a while now because I’m bored of doing the same piss up in Cardiff for every buggers birthday! This is what we’re doing,Β Chocolate Body Wrap and Spa Day in Cardiff. It should usually cost Β£100 but through the offer on Groupon we got a voucher to do this for Β£25! Needles to say I am very excited! If you aren’t yet signed up to Groupon I strongly suggest you do! Just go ontoΒ and register your email address against the location you want to receive deals for, you can do several cities if you wish. There is usually a minimum amount of people that need to buy the deal for the deal to go ahead. For example one deal could be ending at midnight but only proceed it 100 people buy it. You would go through and buy it but wouldn’t actually know if you’d qualified for it until the deal was over and they sent you an email. If the deal is unsuccessful you don’t get charged. Simples! They also have an offer for the fish pedicure, just Β£9, I’m quite tempted to try it you know!

My confirmation came through today from the Sun Holidays, we got on, yay!! We are going to the Isle of Wight in May. The Β£9.50 cost is actually based on 4 people so even though there are only two of us going we still had to pay Β£38. We also have a further Β£21 in service charges to pay and The Sun gave us a deal on the ferry over, that is going to cost Β£36 for us and the car, so we’re getting a (hopefully) nice weekend away (Fri 3pm – Monday 10am) for a total of Β£95! Bargain!

I’ve just finished watching Glee, I absolutely loved the songs featured on there this week, this makes me super excited about going to watch it in London in June!

Happy Vals day all



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