We Don’t Wanna Be Your Enemy….

We Don’t Wanna Be Your Enemy….

Hi guys, I’m not going into much details today as I’m going up to my sister’s house to watch Wales v England playing for the Six Nations. Hence the title of this post, I love the banter when Wales and England play rugby, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to win but still, at the top is my fave video at this time of the year 🙂 Gotta love the banter 🙂

Today’s stats have annoyed me as I am back to obese, damn BMI!
Weight : 12st 2 1/4 🙁
 Attended gym : No, but will be playing on X Box Kinnect at the big sister’s house later so will burn a few calories then I’m sure!
Naughties eaten : A few Cadburys fingers and of course Friday means pub lunch instead of the usual tin of soup, so I had bangers, mash, carrotts, cabbage & gravy. I did leave half of it, can’t eat like I used to as I’m used to a tin of soup for lunch now!!
Spends : £4.50 on my lunch.
Selling on ebay : Two dresses and one pair of shoes, no bids yet, but one dress now has four watchers and the pair of shoes have one watcher. My Ebay Items

A pair of leopard print shoes that I won on ebay turned up, and I love them! I paid £8.77 for them and they are from Office. I was impressed with how new they actually look! Came in the box with all the original paper and everything!

I also now have photos of me wearing the LBD that arrived yesterday, not very good photos but you can get the gist of how it looks!

Today I revived a really old headband. If anyone is actually reading this you’ll probably remember the headbands with the fake plaits? Well I stumbled across mine this morning and after several different changes of hair colour I’m now back to the colour I was however long ago it was that I bought this! I had a few comments on it as everyone seems to have forgotten about the hairbands and thought I was actually clever enough to do my own plait!

The last item on today’s blog is the lovely thank you card I received from my lovely friend 🙂 My friend Emma has been a PCSO (or a plastic as we refer to her) for some time now and has just qualified to a ‘proper’ Police Officer, in fact it was her first day today. I was shocked and happy to receive this card today…

How very sweet 🙂

Also if you read my blog often there probably will be a bit of a recurring thing of ‘what food Kitty bought home’ as my odd cat Kitty (thankfully) doesn’t bother to bring home normal ‘cat’ stuff like animals, she brings people’s food home!! We have no idea where she gets it from but we have had meat, pasta, cereal, empty food wrappers, everything!! Today she was miaowing outside the back door, I opened it to find her munching her way through a HUGE slab of cherry cake! I bought her in but left the cake outside, she then cried until I let her back out. She sat out in the hammering rain and ate it, bless! She is now in the house absolutely soaking but probably quite satisfied! 

Anyway people, have a happy Friday, if like me you are watching the rugby – enjoy! Wish me luck in my alcohol ban when watching the rugby, this is gonna be a challenge!!!




  1. 5th February 2011 / 4:53 pm

    Loving those shoes, what a bargain. Your tattoo is lovely btw! I'm getting one done soon and i'm very excited x

  2. 5th February 2011 / 5:40 pm

    Thanks and thanks 🙂
    That is quite a new tattoo, had it done in January, I love it!
    They are sooo addictive though, already planning my next lol.
    Where are you getting your tattoo?
    I love tattoos 🙂 xx

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