Word Gets Around

Word Gets Around

I’m bored of calling my posts the same things, so I thought I’d start giving them random names, starting with the title of the bestest ever album of all time – Stereophonics of course 🙂

Anyhoo time for today’s stats, etc!
Weight : 12st 1 – I am now just overweight according to my BMI as oppose to obese wooohooo!! I don’t actually go by BMI as I think it is a load of crap, apparently I should ideally weigh 8 stone, I would look pathetic! Still its nice to know that my Doctor can’t say I’m obese!
Attended gym : Yes, had a really good work out today.
Naughties eaten : Again too many Cadburys fingers and one Jaffa Cake, I really do appreciate the clients bringing biscuits into work but I can’t wait until all the Cadburys fingers have gone, they are too more-ish!
Spends : £2.50 on cat food and a hotel for when me and the partner go to see Glee in London, £61.15.

Selling on ebay : Two dresses and one pair of shoes, no bids yet, but one dress has three watchers and the pair of shoes have one watcher.
A dress I won on ebay turned up today, and it is lovely 🙂 It really smells of cigarette smoke though so I’m hoping that it’ll come out in the wash! I won it for £12.77, it is actually more than I wanted to pay but as per I got into a bidding war and had to win! I think this dress will feature quite a lot in my wardrobe as I can jazz it up with different accessories, shoes and bags, maybe even belts. It is a bit big on me but that actually makes it quite flattering on my figure. Frugal Feb people I won this auction in January so it doesn’t count against me!

As mentioned above I booked the hotel for me and Spencer to stay in in June when we watch Glee. We are staying at The Custom House Hotel which I think at £61.15 (incl credit card booking fee) is a complete bargain for London! I booked the hotel through lastminute.com who thankfully are very helpful. I booked it quite late last night and obviously needed sleep. We are going to London on the 28th, I booked the hotel for the 2nd! Thankfully I rang them today and explained that I’m an idiot and they changed it, phew 🙂 I am still waiting for the confirmation email to say it has been changed but I trust them!

I really want something like this cherry belly bar for my tragus but can’t seem to find anything like it…


♥ Tragus Bar £4.99 jobananas.com, comes in a variety of colours

This is probably the pretties tragus bar I’ve found so far, but it doesn’t have a cherry on it, I want a cherry *stamps feet*



  1. 3rd February 2011 / 11:03 pm

    Fabulous dress – worth the bidding war I reckon, an LBD is a must! xx

  2. 4th February 2011 / 6:25 pm

    Thank you 🙂 It is definitely a must and I'm sure I'll get quite a lot of wear out of it 🙂 xx

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