Week in photos #1

Week in photos #1

Hi guys, I love other people’s ‘week in photo’ posts so I thought I’d do my own, very little, one. I’m useless at remembering to snap photos so unfortunately it won’t be amazing! I hope you enjoy (sorry about the depressing bit at the end, I’m actually having a sob writing this) …

Blood test – the nurse was brutal!

Fab giveaway prize from Clare over at Big Beauty Blog

St Davids Day Welsh Cakes 🙂

where I bought my wedding dress!

new hair clip storage

lovely smelling oil

Flick’s new bed..

Flick just looking cute
cute owl chocolate from Sainsburys
CIA Wedding Fayre
poor Smudge had a brain tumour and was put to sleep today (06/03/11) RIP little girl


  1. 6th March 2011 / 11:20 pm

    Oh no, so, so sorry to hear about poor Smudge :'( It's horrid loosing a pet. I hope you're okay! May she RIP (this has actually made me cry too!) x

  2. 6th March 2011 / 11:28 pm

    Awr that is really sweet thanks. I'm fine, I've been quite tearful and very emotional but I'm okay. It is horrid but it was better than the suffering xx

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