30 Day Challenge, No. 13

13 – What you want more than anything right now.

I know this is really, really boring but all I want at this precise moment (besides impossible things like loads of dosh!) is to chill, which is what I fully intend to do this evening! I went out last night, I didn’t drink too much as I knew I had stuff to do today but I did end up going into Newport (why, oh why) which resulted in getting in at 3.30 this morning. I’m 26 next week, I’m too old for this stuff now! I am completely shattered! I’ve just stuck a load of toppings on a pizza base and stuck it in the oven I don’t plan on doing a lot else tonight apart from getting that out of the oven and demolishing it! 

I hope you’re all having a fab weekend and are doing something slightly more exciting than me, unless you too are a boring old fart!!


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