Hi all – we survived, the world didn’t end, phew! I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I went to my friends house for a drink last night and had a fab night, stupid here did end up having three cigarettes though. I think its kind of a good thing though because I feel so bad about doing it, so maybe I needed to do it to feel this guilt, or am I just talking crap haha! Spencer and I popped to Cardiff Bay for some food yesterday, which turned out to be a complete ‘mare because there was rugby on so it was rammed! We still had a good day though. This is what I wore:

Dress – Primark
Cardigan, shoes, earings, swallow bracelet – Peacocks
Necklace – Dainty Roses

Sleek Pallette in Sunset
Collection 2000 Concealer
Eyeko Glow Getter Blush
The Body Shop bronzer Warm Glow
Rimmel perfect match powder
Rimmel 25 hour foundation
Avon Superextend Mascara
NYC Lipgloss Fashion Avenue Fuschia

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