Week in Photos #17

Week in Photos #17
 perfect Saturday night in = pizza, wedges and (overcooked whoops!) garlic bread
 I haven’t had these for an age so had to pick a box up when I saw them in Tesco – yum!
 so naughty but so good!
 The cats seem to like their new beds
 Kitty bought a frog home today, thankfully she is a nice cat and just bought him to show us, she didn’t kill him so we left him to hop off! 
 Lets have an awrrrr
 poor cats!
She isn’t the best at posing, bless!
 getting ready to pounce on Kitty, unfortunately she was too fast for me to capture the attack!
 our rockery is coming along nicely, with my gnome guarding it!
 Cute – ’nuff said!
 Quick its sunny lets have a BBQ!!
 The scrummy food 🙂
 Another pizza! Dominos this one I think the Iceland one pictured earlier was actually nicer!
 Flick on watch!

Amazing ice cream!
So as you can see my week has been filled with a lot of rubbish food (again!). I really do need to sort my diet out! We’ve also been having a lot of fun in the garden with the cats. Fingers crossed that this amazing weather continues as Spencer and I are off work this week 🙂
What have you all been up to?


  1. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    Looks can be deceiving, they're little buggers really haha xx

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