ELF 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Everyday Basics

ELF 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Everyday Basics

When ELF were running the 50% discount I decided to pick up one of their 32 piece eyeshadow palettes, I didn’t think it would be great, but its £9 full price so with the discount I paid £4.50 – which meant I couldn’t leave it there!

The packaging…

The packaging is okay, nothing special but its nice and sleek. I like the clear bit that gives you a little preview as to what is inside. The applicator looks a little lost! Its not the easiest to open, this is one of those annoying palettes that you dread trying to open when you’ve painted your nails earlier in the day, just me?

Top row…

There are some nice colours in this row, some a lot more pigmented than others.

Second Row…

Some nice colours again, but I did find the end four quite chalky in this row.

Third row…

This is my favourite row by far as these are the type of colours I wear more often, I also think that this row of colours is a lot more pigmented than the others. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some weak colours in this row as I’m sure you can see by the pictures, but the first two silver shades have won me over!

Fourth Row…

This is the worse lot of colours for me. It was a real struggle to get the camera to pick the first two swatches up, on the main photo you can hardly see the first swatch.


This is a very mixed palette. Some of the colours are gorgeous and have great colour pay off, then some of them are very weak, however the palette does only costs £9! I would recommend this palette exactly for the reason that ELF have branded it, as an everyday basics palette. This is a nice, affordable palette that is great for creating quick, basic daytime looks. I will get a lot of use out of the browns and silvers and am personally looking forward to creating some various looks with it. I also think (hope)  that a lot of these colours will work better with a primer.


  1. 28th December 2011 / 11:30 pm

    You really can't go wrong for the price can you. I've never paid full price on an ELF order, I've always had at least free postage, usually a certain percentage off! They run so many offers! If you do give in I recommend their gel eyeliners x

  2. 28th December 2011 / 11:31 pm

    For £4.50, or even at full price, it provides quite a good selection of colours. I'm still in two minds about whether or not I should order from them.. but I'm seeing a lot of blog posts and discount offers around so I will soon give in to temptation! x

  3. 28th December 2011 / 11:31 pm

    Brill post hon thanks for all the swatches I have the brights and always wondered about this one

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