September GlossyBox : Review

September GlossyBox : Review

I’m quite late with my GlossyBox post this month, annoyingly instead of leaving it with a neighbour the postie took it back to the depot which meant I didn’t get it until Saturday. I did resist looking at other posts though so had a nice surprise when I opened my box.

The products…


 Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing two 50g sachets value £1.80 per sachet = £3.60
GlossyBox say : Voted ‘Best Exfoliator’ by You Magazine. A harmonious blend of pure Dead Sea Salts, vitamin E and coconut oil, with a hypnotic citrus aroma, make this a wonderfully pampering body exfoliator.
They have given us a 25% discount off our next purchase
I say : I’m pleased that I received these, the sachets are of a decent size so I will get a few uses out of them. The chunks of salt are large and will definitely give me a good exfoliate, the only worry is that they may be too harsh for my sensitive skin. The Citrus scent is lovely.




 HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette (full size) value £20 (approx)
GlossyBox say : Eyebrow expers HD Brows have developed this fantastic multi-use palette containing four matte eyebrow colours. They double up as an eye shadow and eyeliner as well as lasting 24 hours! 
They have given us a code for £5 off our next purchase of a complimentary product. The only problem with this is that the HD-brows website is awful and I can’t find how to buy products, which is why the above price is an approximate one!
I say : First off I’m impressed that GlossyBox provided a decent brush as well as the sponge brush in the palette as we all know how useless those sponge applicators are! As you can see from the above photo (top before, bottom after) this kit does make my eyebrows look a lot better. This was a rough application that took less than five minutes so if I were to sit down and take my time after plucking my eyebrows I think I would get some great results! The colours have great pigmentation and great staying power. I really had to scrub hard in the shower to remove the swatches!


 Moa The Green Balm
GlossyBox say : Crammed with organic yarrow and lots of other lovely natural stuff this handy little pot of Moa balm has many weird and wonderful uses, we’re just balmy about it!
They have given us 20% off our next purchase.
I say : When I first opened my box this month I thought that I’d been done out of a product because this sample is so small that I didn’t see it! They haven’t told us what size this sample is which is quite annoying, I like to know the size of the samples I’m receiving. For me the fact that GlossyBox always tell us this and Boudoir Prive don’t was a big plus to GlossyBox. This balm feels and smells lovely, it goes onto the skin quite oily and is really moisturising. I’m not really sure what I’ll use a pot this size for, the website seems to suggest that it has healing powers so I may try it on my spots. If it works well I’ll let you know!
 Neal and Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray 100ml (full size) value £11.95
GlossyBox say : GLOW is a weightless spray that adds deep, lasting shine. Its unique formula also helps to smooth hair, control frizz and reduce static. The result? Incredible all-over sine that leaves hair glowing! 
They have given us 15% off the whole range.
I say : I was pleased to see this product in my box. It does exactly what it does on the tin! My hair looks really nice and glossy after use and it also has a pleasant smell. As with all shine sprays if you use too much it does make your hair greasy.
Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum 1.5ml value approx £2.70
GlossyBox say : Plum is the signature fragrance by world-renowned celebrity make-up artist Mary Greenwell. A stunning classic chypre with a memorable modern twist. 
They have given us 20% off our second item from the collection
I say : I usually don’t like to receive perfumes in my boxes as so far I haven’t liked any of them. This one however I actually do like! I will definitely be using this up.
Overall verdict : I really am pleased with this months box. I will use all of the products (provided that my skin doesn’t hate the salt scrub). There has been a good variety as we’ve received body, make-up, hair and fragrance. The main disappointment for me is the tiny sample of Moa The Green Balm but I’m sure I’ll find some use for it!
The total value of the box amounts to approximately £38.25, this really is very approximate as I haven’t included a value for The Green Balm and have had to guess at the value of the HD Brow kit.
If you’ve reviewed this months box please leave me the link to your post as I love seeing what other people received and what they thought of it!



  1. 28th December 2011 / 11:14 pm

    I got exactly the same as you and I loved it too! The balm is great on spots, I had some on my neck that came up after the air con broke at the gym and the next morning they looked much better so I'd give it a go on them.

  2. 28th December 2011 / 11:14 pm

    I had a pretty similar box to you, except I had a fruitful face and neck cream as opposed to the balm, *which smelt nice in the tube and absoultely vile on my skin* I LOVE the hair shine spray, absolutely amazing smell it's the perfect product for me 😀 .. I also noticed, everybody had different brushes with their hd brow kits! x

  3. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    That is a bit of a bummer with the HD kit! There is a facebook page called beauty box swaps maybe someone will swap it for a darker one.
    I really hope that they sort it out soon so that we receive suitable products x

  4. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    I did go to the one in Pontnewynydd! I'm often there, maybe we'll bump into each other one day lol
    I'm looking forward to seeing your review xx

  5. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    You got almost the same as me! Instead of the green balm I got a sample of an organic night cream. I generally like my box but they sent me a BLONDE HD brow palette and I'm a brunette, hmmmm 🙁 x

  6. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    If you went to the PO depot in Pontnewynydd it's near to my house. I got my glossybox on Friday and it really cheered me up as I'd had a rubbish day =/ I received the plum perfume which i love and the HD brow kit which is amazing, and 3 products that you did not have! A review should be going up tomorrow on my blog! xx

  7. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    I have loads of spots at the moment so shall experiment!
    I also have itchy ears from wearing cheap earings on the weekend so will try it on those! x

  8. 28th December 2011 / 11:28 pm

    I'm glad that you liked your first box! It is random how we all had different brushes! I was very pleased I had another instead of struggling to use the sponge one!

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