Christmas Wishlist #1

Christmas Wishlist #1

Its that time of the year again, the time where I start making wish lists that I might actually get! All of these items bar number 1 and 2 went on my list to the in-laws yesterday. I have had confirmation that I may get most of them – excited!

christmas wishlist keep calm mug set, sigma dry n shape, konad plates and nail varnishes urban decay black palette

1. Keep calm mug set £15.29  2. Sigma Dry n Shape $29  3. 25 piece Monster Nail Stamping Plates £16.99  4. 21 piece Monster Nail Stamping Plates £14.99  5.  Urban Decay The Black Palette £18.95  6. Konad Special polish in Black £5.95  7. Konad Special polish in white £7.39  8. Temporary Secretary 12 item lucky dip £20

This is just a small selection, I will be posting a few more of these in the run up to Christmas.

What are you lusting after for Christmas this year?

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