Review : Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak

Review : Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak

I was contacted by Higher Nature, supplier of vitamins and supplements, a while back who asked if I would like to try some of their mineral bath salts. I’m more of a shower girl than a bath girl but have been trying to get into baths lately so jumped at the chance. I have a jacuzzi bath which I never take advantage of so I am after nice bath products to convince me to take a bath instead of a shower.

They very generously sent me a huge 400g tub of the soak with a scoop and a muslin bag. The tub is aesthetically pleasing and will look good in most bathrooms.

There is a little wooden scoop attached to the tub and inside the tub there is a muslin bag. You can use either of these to add the salts to your bath.

When using the scoop they recommend that you place two scoops directly into your bath as you run the water. If you use the bag then place two scoops into the bag and pop this into the bath as you run the water.

I’ve used the salts both ways and they both work well. I like the idea of using the bag as you can see that all the salts have dissolved, the only problem that I personally had with the bag was that it did get drawn to the jacuzzi sucker and stay there, which meant that I had to keep moving it back to the other end of the bath.

This Dead Sea Soak is said to be a nourishing and soothing mineral bath from the ancient Dead Sea. These salts are renowned throughout the ages for physical health and smooth, silky skin. This soak is completely unpolluted, packed with lots more minerals than ordinary sea salt and rich in important minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. So relax and enjoy this indulgent mineral bath.

I’ve used these several times now and I must agree that I do feel very relaxed after bathing in them and my skin does seem smoother. I also believe that this soak has healing powers. I’m currently suffering with an infected ear piercing. It has been really badly swollen and quite painful. Several hours after bathing in this soak and dipping my ear in for quite a while the swelling had visibly reduced and the pain died down quite dramatically.

You can buy this 400g tub which comes complete with the scoop and muslin bag from Higher Nature for £12.95, they also sell refill packs which contain 1000g and cost £16.20 and a replacement bag and scoop for £1.80.

Have you tried this Dead Sea Soak or any other products from Higher Nature?

*Disclaimer : This product was sent to me for review purposes, despite this, the opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.*


  1. 25th January 2012 / 7:50 pm

    I do love my jacuzzi bath 🙂 I'm always rushing around so tend to grab a shower instead, really must use the bath more often though to make the most of it x

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