Review : Rockalily Lipstick in ZOMG

Review : Rockalily Lipstick in ZOMG

Zoe of The London Lipgloss, what a woman. She works, she blogs, she attends loads of events, she DJs and now she has collaborated with Ree Ree of Rockalily to create her own lipstick! I’m beginning to wonder if she really is human…. (joke).

Zoe and Ree Ree

This lipstick is described by Zoe as the perfect fuchsia pink “It’s red toned enough to suit darker skinned girls but also blue toned enough to suit pale girls. It’ll make your teeth look whiter, will last all night long and is so pigmented you’ll hardly believe your eyes.” Big claims.

I love the packaging, the box is really very me with its black leopard print and pink flowers.The lipstick itself is kept nice and simple.

I love how this lipstick looks on me. The swatch appears a lot darker than it does on my lips. I must agree that my teeth do actually look whiter too. Love.

I wore my lipstick when I went out for a three course meal, I ate loads and drank a bit. I didn’t re-apply throughout the night. The lipstick had faded a little when I got home but it was still intact, and my lips weren’t horrifically dry as they often are after wearing lipstick all night. As far as I’m concerned those big claims above are pretty much spot on.

The only downside for me with this lipstick is the price, its priced at £14 + £2.50 shipping. £16.50 for a lipstick is a lot for me, before I started this blog I only ever bought ‘drug store’ make-up and I’m still not used to spending a lot on lipstick. This aside I do want to own more Rockalily lipsticks, this is by far one of the best lipsticks that I have ever owned. I think I may have been converted! My bank manager won’t be thankful!

You can buy ZOMG here for £14 plus P&P.

Have you tried ZOMG or any other lipsticks from Rockalily?

*Disclaimer : This lipstick was purchased with my own money. The fact that I get along with and admire Zoe has not swayed my review, my opinions are, as always, 100% honest.*


  1. 25th February 2012 / 11:56 am

    I really want this lipstick, it's absolutely gorgeous! £16.50 is a lot for me to spend on a lipstick too :/ I may have to make an exception for this one when I get a bit of money though 🙂

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. 25th February 2012 / 8:05 pm

    Wow, it is a lovely lipstick! But I am a bit like you, I think it might be on the tad expensive side for me at the moment! I do want it though, and to try some Rockalily lipsticks, as every one raves about them! Curse my lack of money!

    Kitty xoxox

  3. 29th February 2012 / 9:44 pm

    I bought this lipstick too, and it looks so much brighter just looking at it! And it looks a lot brighter on my lips!! xxxx

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