Week in Photos #56

I walked home from work twice this week and recorded it using the map my dog walk app. 1.5 miles and 104 calories isn’t too bad, I’m hoping to walk home at least three times next week. I often do a spot of shopping in my lunch break, milk and stuff. This usually stops me walking home as I’m a wimp when it comes to carrying things.
I very naughtily had my first Easter egg of the year! I was good(ish) though and gave half to Spencer, usually I’d eat the whole egg to myself in one sitting!
Gorgeous tea one evening. Just roll pastry topped with tomato purée, peppers, onions, chorizo and feta cheese. The only problem was that the pastry was quite soggy from the purée. I think next time I’ll bake the pastry on its own for a bit, then add the toppings and pop it back in.
I stupidly wore my hair in a top knot to work on Thursday despite knowing that I wanted to wear it straight for Ladies’ Night and wouldn’t have time to wash it. Thankfully my GHDs helped me transform the mess quite quickly!
My Ladies’ Night purchase 🙂 You can read more about Ladies’ Night here.

Our local Spar has food delivered from an Indian take away, Spencer called in there on his way home Friday and picked us up this amazing chicken korma and pillau rice.
I’m still addicted to draw something!
I had a bit of a spring clean yesterday, as a result my make-up drawers are reasonably tidy – for now!
I listed a few more items on my blog sale…
and two dresses on eBay…
This little lot is going to the local cash for clothes place, no idea how much I’ll get as I’ve never used them before. Worth finding out me thinks.
I needed lots of coffee to get me through all the sorting out!
Kitty (left) is slowing starting to put up with next door’s cat Brownyie. He follows her everywhere, its so cute! She doesn’t appreciate it though and usually growls at him, bless!
I woke up this morning with my head hanging off the pillow, Kitty had decided to push me off so that she could get comfortable.
The most amazing hot chocolate EVER!
We went on a walk again today around Newport Wetlands, its a lovely area and all flat which is always good 🙂 We had a little picnic sat on the grass looking down on this amazing view. Such a lovely day.

I tracked the walk again using the map my dog walk app, it was no where near the walk that we did last week and only a mere 242 calories were burned, but it was a nice relaxed walk.

We then headed into town where I bought a first Starbucks, my first this year! I can’t believe that I haven’t had one since the Christmas specials.

What have you been up to this week?


    • 5th April 2012 / 9:12 am

      Thanks Sophie 🙂
      I'm definitely planning on keeping up the walking, unfortunately the appalling weather has put a stop to it this week x

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