Week in Photos #60

Week in Photos #60
This week has been very Wedding orientated. We’ve ticked loads off the list. I’ve bought the Bridesmaids & flower girl dresses, which thankfully everyone loved, or at least that is what they told me! I’ve worked on our website. I’m considering adding our proposal story to the site as we got engaged on a rollercoaster so it may be worth adding, what do you guys think? We also bought a few bits from eBay and bought our Wedding rings! We met the florist and the cake maker. I’m super excited now that we have so many plans in place!
We even have a vintage suitcase which I have great plans for 🙂
I tried getting creative with my food presentation the other day, but it looks a bit rubbish ha! Mash potato with steak and a portabello mushroom with cheese.
My manager bought me a Yankee Candle and this lovely lamp for my birthday, so pretty.
As I mentioned above we’ve had Wedding related appointments this week straight from work. As a result of this we’ve been starving! We called into McDonalds after work and realised they hadn’t given us one burger, Spencer went back in to get his burger, as we had to park up any way we decided just to eat it in the car, we couldn’t wait!
I bought this lovely Sushi platter from Tesco for my lunch one day, I’ve only ever seen the smaller ones in supermarkets so got quite excited by this bad boy!
I woke up to this this morning! Purring in my face trying to wake me up bless her.
We went to Cardiff today which involved a lovely lunch in Ruby Tuesday. The first time I’ve ever been in there and I was quite impressed, the salad cart makes Harvester look a little lame!
I also bought new walking boots today which I’m currently wearing with my PJs, although I think the whole idea of ‘wearing them in’ should involve more than just sitting at the sofa on my laptop!
Have you been up to much this week? What do you think of Wedding websites?


  1. 29th April 2012 / 7:47 pm

    Mmm McDonalds!

  2. 29th April 2012 / 8:42 pm

    aww your wedding must be so exciting to plan. cant wait to see how all the plans fit together in the end on your big day, i love wedding posts!

    love your week in photos!

    • 30th April 2012 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks Lisa 🙂
      It is very exciting! I can't wait now! I'm sure I'll be boring you all with random wedding things in the run up ha x

  3. 29th April 2012 / 9:41 pm

    I an so wedding obsessed its untrue. I'm not even engaged. Your wedding website is a great idea. xx

    • 30th April 2012 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks Dani, I'm hoping it'll make the whole RSVPing situation a heck of a lot easier for me and the guests.
      I love a good wedding! x

  4. 30th April 2012 / 6:33 am

    Very inspiring posts and blog, love your style! Would you like to follow each other?

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