Guest Post with Jenna : Neon Nails with a Twist

Guest Post with Jenna : Neon Nails with a Twist
As you probably know by now I am in Bixham for the weekend. I had a last minute thought that it may be nice to have a guest post on here while I was away. I tweeted and the lovely Jenna replied saying that she would love to do one. I’ve been loving Jenna’s nail art posts lately so was really pleased when she asked if she could do a nail art post!

Some of Jenna’s fab manis
Jenna covers all sorts on her blog, including nail art (obviosuly), outfit posts (she has a wardrobe to die for), hair styles, reviews and wishlists. You should definitely pay her a visit after reading this.

Neon Nails with a Twist

Hello Slice of My Life Readers! When Leanne posted on
twitter that she was looking for some people to do a guest post for her blog
this weekend I instantly starting thinking about what I could do a post about.
I’ve read Leanne’s blog for so long now, it’s amazing and Leanne is so lovely
and that’s why I wanted to be involved. One of the things I’ve been getting
more and more into on my blog is nail posts so it’s seemed right to do one
especially for Leanne’s blog.
I love neon nails in the summer but sometimes it’s a bit too
bright, garish and in your face. I was trying to think up a way of using my new
Models Own Hed Kandi polish and decided to try a different way of applying it.
What You’ll Need:
A White Nail Varnish
2 Neon Nail Polishes: Bubblegum and Hedonist
Top Coat
Cocktail Stick
 Step One:
A base coat is needed to really help the neon polish stand out. It would probably work with black but I think white looks the best. It’s a clean, blank canvas for the polish to be applied over.
Step Two:
Next dip the tip of a cocktail stick into the first neon polish. It works well to dip it in between the bristles of the brush as it collects quite a bit of polish there. Now to apply it, I think of it as the scribble or scrape technique. Starting at the bottom of the nail work the cocktail stick side to side up towards the middle of the nail. Every nail is going to be different so keep scribbling until you’ve got as little or as much colour as you want.
Step Three:
Take the next neon colour and repeat the process starting just above where the last colour finished. This is completely optional, if you’d prefer one colour or if you only have one neon polish. I think these two colours work really well together.
Step Four:
Apply a top coat. This makes the nail feel a bit smoother and helps it stay put for longer. Because it’s not an even coat of polish it’s not going to feel like that but it doesn’t feel too bumpy.
 Doesn’t it look great? Massive thank you to Jenna for agreeing to guest post for me and for sharing her fantastic nails with my readers! I urge you all to go visit Jenna’s blog now! She does a fab variety of posts, I’m particularly loving her hair posts at the moment, even though they make me very jealous!


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