The Jenny Craig Diet

You may have seen from my twitter/instagram that I am doing a two week trial of the Jenny Craig diet*. If you haven’t heard of Jenny Craig before its basically a diet in which you have diet meals delivered to your door and are told when to eat it, you just add things like milk, salad and veg.
I received all my food and my welcome pack on Thursday, I was actually like a kid at Christmas and wanted to try all the food out straight away! The food came well packaged in a big box and I was kept up to date with delivery times, the texts even told me the delivery drivers name! Thankfully Marcus left my box with a neighbour so I didn’t have to worry about going to the DPD depot to pick it up.
Simon, my Jenny Craig consultant, rang me at lunch time yesterday (we had pre-arranged a time) to go through the plan and answer any queries. The one downside with this was that even though the food was delivered on Thursday my menu didn’t actually arrive until Friday, which meant that when I spoke with Simon at work I hadn’t seen the menu, though he did say if I had any queries after seeing the menu just to give them a ring. He seemed very helpful so I’m sure this wouldn’t have been a problem.
You receive a measuring spoon for milk, salad, veg, etc, a grocery guide which helps you figure out what items you can add to the plan and a handy little folder to help you on your way.
Two weeks worth of breakfast
Two weeks worth of lunch
Two weeks worth of snacks (one a day)
Two weeks worth of evening meals
That is it, my food for the next two weeks! I will be adding milk, fruit, salad, veg, bread, cheese and various other stuff to this so it isn’t as bad as it seems. I can even have three low cal hot chocolates a day if I like, that option seems quite good right now!
I had aimed to go to Tesco from work yesterday and buy all the extras that I needed for next week as I plan to start the diet tomorrow. Annoyingly I had quite the migraine when I left work and just couldn’t concentrate properly on what I was doing! I’ve managed to buy what I need for my first day and will then work out a complete week and stock up on everything.
My first day will consist of Jenny Craig cereal with semi skimmed milk and a banana (or strawberries if the strawberries in the garden are ready then!). I’m hoping that I won’t use the whole cup of milk on my cereal so that I can have a cup of coffee. Coffee is free on the plan as are sweeteners so I only have to take the milk into account. I will have a low fat yoghurt for my snack followed by a Jenny Craig soup with a small wholemeal bread roll grilled with cheese and a side salad with a drizzling of oil. That is a lot more than my normal lunch! I will have either a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps for a snack. For my evening meal I have a Jenny Craig Tikka Masalla with vegetables, then a further fruit snack.
I’m quite looking forward to starting this diet. At the moment my only concern is the mornings, I usually have cereal in the house and belevita breakfast biscuits at around 10:30, replacing these biscuits with a yoghurt may be a struggle. Hopefully by adding in some of my free food such as fruit it won’t be too hard!
Is Jenny Craig a diet that you would be interested in or do you think you’re better off doing it yourself? I’m personally hoping that the two weeks on this trial will teach me enough good habits to enable me to go it alone.

P.S. Thanks to Gemma & Charlotte for passing on my details for this!


  1. September 8, 2012 / 11:35 am

    A very interesting post! I would not try this, as I dislike the amount of ready made food/ low fat stuff/ things that look sugary and artificial. However, I like the idea of not having to worry about your meals. I'll be really intrigued to hear about how you do on this, and also once your done, if you gain or loose weight when the programme is finished. And, more importantly, how you feel! Thanks for writing about this, very informative for us all 🙂

    • September 9, 2012 / 7:11 pm

      Day one has gone well 🙂 There will definitely be a few follow up posts to let you know how I'm doing. It is nice to not have to worry about meals, but then you do have to worry about adding your starch/protein/fat content which can be a bit of a faff to decide what to have! xx

  2. September 8, 2012 / 12:32 pm

    It's funny how on these diets it can work out that your eating a lot more than you usually would but it's the choices and when you have them that impacts your weight or size. It's baffling haha. I look forward to seeing how you get on but I'm not sure I'd cope with the restricted choices especially if there was a meal you didn't like (lasagne in my case) x

    • September 9, 2012 / 7:13 pm

      It really is baffling. Thankfully I quite like the sound of all of the food I've been sent so hopefully I'll be okay! xx

  3. September 8, 2012 / 6:07 pm

    I would love to try something like this. I'm really struggeling to get into healthy eating at the moment usually because I never know what to cook! I'm off on holidays in 8 weeks so I need to start asap! I wonder do they deliver to Ireland?! Very interested to see how you get on x

    • September 9, 2012 / 7:18 pm

      I'm not sure if they deliver to Ireland or not. I think its a great way to (hopefully) learn some good eating habits x

    • September 11, 2012 / 8:10 pm

      The plan is seeming very easy to stick to so far! x

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