Christmas Gift Idea for Him : Calum Best Gift Set

Christmas Gift Idea for Him : Calum Best Gift Set
I don’t know about you but I always struggle to buy presents for the man in my life. Due to getting married in November we are on a very strict budget with our Christmas presents this year which rapidly reduces the gift options. I tend to fall back on aftershave gift sets more often than not, after all, who doesn’t want to smell nice?

Calum is a magnificently sultry scent that, like Calum himself, has an uncanny ability to draw people close and then bowl them over with charm and seduction. Opening with energetic top notes of fresh Bergamot, Calum then reaches its core with heart notes of Rosemary, Thyme and Coriander that exude a masculine confidence, but when mixed with soft Floral Accords, add depth to this absorbing fragrance. Base notes of Amber, Vanilla and Musks create the impression of the end of a memorable night on the town and that special time of evening where people start to drift closer making Calum perfect for romanticising and seducing.

I personally think that the Calum Best gift set in purple is beautifully presented. Spencer described it as ‘a bit poncy’. There is a similar set available in black for the same price, maybe I should have opted for that. 
I’ll be honest, I chose the Calum Best gift set because I quite like the idea of the man in my life smelling like the gorgeous Calum Best 🙂 
The scent is beautiful, I’m never sure what to expect from celebrity branded fragrances but have been pleasantly surprised with the last few that I have tried, this one included.
The set contains a 200ml bottle of Calum Best Shower Gel and a 100ml bottle of Calum Best EDT.
Calum Best aftershave gift sets are available from Semichem with free delivery on all UK orders over £25.

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