February 2013 Empties

February 2013 Empties
Happy St David’s Day 🙂

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. I’ve really enjoyed using this, my skin feels really soft after use. Re-purchase? Already have, this sample wasn’t enough to get a feel for the product.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. Another great product from Benefit, I was so gutted when this ran out as I couldn’t afford to buy another! Re-purchase? I’m currently trialing cheaper products but will go back to this if they don’t work as well.

ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink. I love ELF’s studio line blushers, they are so cheap and work well. I’ve looked back through my blog and it doesn’t seem that I’ve ever reviewed this particular one, bad blogger! I really like this colour and tended to grab it everyday for work. Re-purchase? Yes.

Macadamia Oil*. I seem to pick one of these little bottles up at every blogger event that I attend, not that I’m complaining as it is a great product. I’ve started using this loads since having the ombre in my hair. The ends of my hair feel so much softer after using this. Re-purchase? Yes.

Fab Gentle Body Wash from January 2012 GlossyBox. This was nice to use but unfortunately it just didn’t have that wow factor for me. I love scented body washes, while this had a scent it was very faint and not what I would normally go for. Re-purchase? No.

YonKa Pamplemousse from June JolieBox. I originally received the version of this for normal – dry skin but managed to swap it for the more suitable normal – oily skin. Unfortunately this just didn’t work for me at all. I erupted in spots while using this (more than usual) and found my skin to be greasier than usual. I’ve thrown this away with product still in it as it just isn’t suitable for me. Re-purchase? No, didn’t even finish this bottle.

Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh Conditioner. My dandruff very rarely flares up nowadays (fingers crossed) so I have taken to using anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner just once a week. As I’m not using it very often I am going to stick with the cheaper Head & Shoulders instead of a more luxurious brand. This does the job well enough and is cheaper than most. Re-purchase? Yes.

Sure Clear Diamond Deodrant. This is a regular re-purchase, I don’t think it would stop me sweating while doing exercise but as that is something that I never do this works just fine for me! Re-purchase? Yes.

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