My Birthday : What I Wore, What I Did & What I Received

My Birthday : What I Wore, What I Did & What I Received
As I’m sure you’re all aware (I’ve gone on about it enough!) it was my Birthday on Saturday. Spencer and I took the train to Cardiff for the day.
Dress & Blazer – Primark
Boots – New Look
Bag – Mulberry (from Egypt)
Necklace – Talullah Tu
Headband – Kitsch*

The first thing we did was head to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a doughnut and a coffee, we couldn’t resist the combo deal so had two doughnuts each. I had my old favourite chocolate custard and one I hadn’t tried before, the chocolate truffle. Both were amazing as was my huge Mocha with lots of cream.
We then headed over to Debenhams so that I could try and book a slot at the Benefit brow bar. Her appointment hadn’t turned up so I was fitted in there and then. I’m so pleased with how my eyebrows turned out. I had them waxed at a local salon a while back and they ruined them, they took far too much from the start of them. They still need to grow quite a bit but look a lot better than before. The girl who did them was also very lovely and friendly so top marks there.
We did a spot of shopping and tried our first Bubble Tea. We shared one and opted for Mango & Passion Fruit with strawberry popper things. It was amazing. After enjoying that so much I couldn’t leave this Mango & Passionfruit tea in Whittard. We also had to try this chocolate truffle coffee.
Spencer had booked us into Jamie’s Italian for a late lunch. The food was amazing, the service flawless and the staff so knowledgable. We shared an anti-pasti to start and both opted for the Carbonara from the special menu for main. We shared the chocolate pot pudding which was amazing. I drank the nicest Mojito I have ever tried.
I received loads of lovely Birthday cards including my first wife and daughter-in-law ones. I only had one card joking about alcohol this year, I must be getting old! 
The bit that you’ve all been waiting for, the presents. I was so lucky and absolutely love everything that I had.
My friend very kindly bought me the candle mug, we went for afternoon tea on Sunday (post to follow) so I love that she gave me a tea themed gift. So thoughtful. 
My mam & dad bought me the ‘Home Sweet Home’ mug the Lindor chocolates and the kitchen timer, I also had some cash from them. My mam saw the mug and thought it had my name written all of it, she isn’t wrong, it is exactly what I would buy. As for the kitchen timer she has the exact same one and I often threaten to steal it as it would fit in my kitchen perfectly. She took the hint and bought me one which worked out perfectly as mine broke today, it couldn’t cope with the pressure of its cuter sister being in the house 🙂
Spencer bought me the watch (we picked this up in Cardiff on the day), the special edition Stereophonics Graffiti on the Train album, the floral bum bag and the festival tickets. I have a few special edition ‘Phonics albums so he thought I would like to add this one to my collection, he wasn’t wrong. As for the bum bag it was a bit of a strange purchase! The festival tickets are for an 80s festival. I’d said previously that I may buy a bum bag for the occasion, Spencer, bless him, tried combining 80s with my love for Cath Kidston and came up with this! At first I wasn’t fond but it is growing on me and it may make it to the festival.
Spencer’s brother and his girlfriend bought me the Jimmy Choo perfume, super pleased with this as I had a sample which I loved and was gutted to see run out.
Spencer’s parents bought me the Pandora earings, Real Techniques brush and the Mac lipstick in Russian Red.
The necklace is part of my collection from work, they also got me a big bar of mint Aero bubble (that didn’t last long enough for photos!) and some Primark vouchers.
I also had Primark vouchers from my sister & her partner and my manager in work.
Phew – I really was lucky!
Please don’t think that I am bragging in anyway, I love nosing at other people’s Birthday presents and thought that people may like to see mine too.


  1. 23rd April 2013 / 7:44 pm

    I've been dying to try Jamie's Italian! Your food looks so amazing! Looks like you had a great day! 🙂 Happy belated birthday xx

    • 2nd May 2013 / 7:34 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Jamie's is yummy, you should definitely try it. x

  2. 24th April 2013 / 6:26 am

    Happy Belated Birthday sweet xxx

  3. 24th April 2013 / 3:27 pm

    Sounds like you had an ace birthday, I'm very jealous of all the food! Love your necklace xx

  4. 26th April 2013 / 11:13 am

    Hey, I missed your birthday 🙁 … Anyway, belated Happy Birthday..! Fabulous dress you wore.. So you finally showed your best of the sense for latest fashion clothes… 🙂 xoxo

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