April Empties

April Empties
Quinoderm5. You can read my review of this here. As you can probably tell I didn’t finish this tub. It worked wonders for my skin when I needed it, but isn’t something that I would use long term. The cream is very strong, so strong that it can bleach clothes and bedding, at my age I really need to stop using such harsh products on my skin. I used this in the run up to the Wedding as I knew it worked, but now is the time to find something more friendly to my skin. Re-purchase? No.

Exoliater. This exfoliater was part of a Tesco trial, therefore I’m unsure of the brand. I’ve purely added it to this list because I like to see how many products I get through.
Batiste XXL Dry Volume Shampoo. Now that I’ve got a fringe again (though its starting to grow out again, I need a trim!) I rely heavily on dry shampoo. My fringe can get greasy an hour after washing it as my skin is so oily. This worked well with my hair though I do prefer dry shampoos that don’t come out white, that being said it did rub out well. As for the XXL volume claims it gives a volume boost but not XXL. Re-purchase? Yes but most probably the brunette range.

Mitchum Advance Control Shower Fresh. This has become my new regular deodrant, I like how this smells and it works well. Re-purchase? Regular re-purchase.

Benefit Remove It. I bought this to use alongside the Benefit radiant skincare set, I wanted to trial the whole range together. This is very gentle and works well at removing make-up. The downside is that it is quite expensive in comparison to other similar products. Re-purchase? Not just yet, I have a few other products that I want to try out, in particular Bioderma. 
Dr Bronner Magic All in One Soap from August JolieBox. When I first received this I was quite baffled by all of the ways that you could use it, yet couldn’t think of how I wanted to use it. I settled on using it to clean my make-up brushes and have come to really enjoy using it. It cleans the brushes really easily and cuts through the built up make-up. Re-purchase? Yes.

Pure Coconut Hand & Nail Cream. This was in my stocking at Christmas. I love coconut scented things and this was no different, it smelt amazing. It rubbed in easily and left hardly any greasy traces behind. Re-purchase? Yes.

Vivo Perfect Skin Primer*. You can read my review of this here. I enjoyed using this and found it to be quite similar to Benefit’s Pore-Fessional, except for the huge price difference. Re-purchase? I have a huge stash of primers to get through first but wouldn’t be surprised if I return to this one.
ELF HD Powder. This is a regular re-purchase. I find this helps my oily skin a great deal. Re-purchase? Regular re-purchase, already have two back-ups! (I bulk buy when ELF have a discount.) 
Jimmy Choo Flash Sample. I received this little sample with a Debenhams order and fell in love. I don’t tend to buy perfume as I usually receive it for Christmas/Birthdays. This went straight onto my Birthday list. Re-purchase? Received for my Birthday from the bro-in-law.
Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. I received this in my goody bag at Ladies Night. It isn’t really suitable for me as I don’t have any dark spots but I thought I’d see if it did anything for my acne. It didn’t but I didn’t really expect it too. Re-purchase? No as not suitable for me.

Vera Wang Preppy Princess. I had this for Christmas one year.I love both the packaging and scent of Vera Wang’s Princess perfumes, this one was no different. Talking of how nice the packaging is, any suggestions with what to do with it? I don’t want to just throw it out. Re-purchase? Possibly, would be happy to receive as a gift again.

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