Week in Photos #109

Week in Photos #109
I made Chili Con Carne from the Hairy Dieters cookbook in the week. It was really lovely and quite easy to make. The recipe says it serves five, we had five portions exactly. It worked out well as we had a busy week so having this on hand to re-heat when we wanted tea made matters a little easier. 
I’m not sure the Hairy Bikers would approve of the mozzarella that I covered it in :-/
Yummy fajitas with pretty flowers. 
The new Maryland cookies are delicious. 
We bought a Tesco meal deal for £6 which consisted of Cottage pie and veg and this marshmallow chocolate pudding thing – lush and such a bargain.
Kitty wanted my hangover Dominos. I was actually going to be good and make a nice chicken fried rice. I went into the kitchen to make it only to discover that my washing machine was leaking and my kitchen flooded. Five soaking towels later and I decided a take-away was the way forward.
I used the Amie face mask that She Said Beauty provided for the Cardiff blogger meet. It is super refreshing. I have at least one more use out of it so will use it up before reviewing.
I tried coconut water for the first time, Tesco have it on offer for £2 so I couldn’t resist. It is lovely though I do worry about the extra calories I’m drinking when I have this instead of water. Just because it is a healthy drink doesn’t mean that it won’t add pounds.
I made Slimming World diet Coke chicken using this recipe. While preparing it smelt and looked disgusting, don’t let this put you off though as the end result was delicious. I think I’ll be trying the diet Fanta chicken next.
I went to my sister’s 30th birthday party on Saturday (hence the hangover). I am so annoyed that I didn’t take any photos, I wanted to get an OOTD of my new Chi Chi dress but I was just having too much fun to stop and take photos. This is my make-up and my new side fringe that I had cut in Saturday morning. 
I’m wearing Mac Russian Red on my lips, I had this for my birthday and love it! Review coming soon.

I hope you all had an awesome week and aren’t suffering as much as I still am. I’ve decided to try and give up the Jaiger bombs, I cannot handle the Red Bull come down, I am still so tired.

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