Week in Photos #113

Week in Photos #113
We bought this fish in the quick sale in Tesco, it was delicious, I can’t remember exactly what it was now but there was cheese and some kind of lemon mousse with it.
I’ve finally got a Coke bottle with my name on! I wrote on facebook that I couldn’t find one anywhere and a friend of mine got me one and bought it to my house for me – so kind of him. Typically I then saw one while out shopping Saturday!
I used Maggie crispy chicken stuff on my chicken and it turned out amazing. I may actually write a full post on it, not something I would usually write about but it was yum.
We’ve had barbecues today and yesterday, must make the most of this weather. Yesterday we had these pork medallions with brown rice, onions and peppers. Today we were a bit more greedy and had homemade burgers, pork sausages and coleslaw. 
I headed into Cardiff on Wednesday for the Lush event. I took the afternoon off work to get there in time so went down to Cardiff a bit earlier. I had my eyebrows waxed at the Benefit counter again and nipped into Primark to pick up some last minute items for my friend’s hen next weekend. The Lush event was great, you can read my post about it here.
Yesterday I wore double denim, rebel. I quite like this outfit so I don’t care if people like Jessie J find me freaky (she has said this about people who wear double denim while on the Voice!).
We went into town early doors and decided to pop into Frankie and Benny’s for their £5 breakfast. We were waiting ages to be served which was quite annoying. I had Eggs Benedict, it was yummy but my ‘toasted’ muffins annoyed me, the one wasn’t toasted at all and the other just slightly browned.
We bought a few bits in town including some new green accessories for our bathroom which I will be showing you in a more detailed post soon.
Today has been another super busy day. I finished up-cycling the chair that came to me from Spencer’s nan’s house clearance. I love how it looks and am so pleased with my first attempt at up-cycling.
My friend’s cat had three kittens one day in the week (Wednesday I think). We went to visit them today and they are so cute. Their little squeaky meows literally melt my heart a little.
I dug my sewing machine out today as I had a huge pile of clothes that I needed to alter. I started off not knowing what to do and sewing in wonky lines. I finally got to grips with it and am now a whizz at it. I’m sure I’ll have forgotten again by the next time I use it.
This is only a smell segment of my weekend, the majority of it has been spent planning my friend’s hen. We are going to Butlins for a 90s weekend and I cannot wait. Venga Boys are one of the headlines – pure cheese! I can’t show you any of what I’ve been up to as I want to keep it all a surprise. You never know who may be stalking your blog! (Hi Sarah if you’re here!)
I hope you’ve been having fun in the sunshine.


    • June 12, 2013 / 8:19 pm

      Thank you, I am pretty pleased with my handy work 🙂
      It really was challenging leaving without a kitten, it'll be even harder when I go down there in a couple of weeks as I'll be having a bottle of wine then! x

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