DIY : Customised Denim Shorts

DIY : Customised Denim Shorts
Yesterday I went shopping for a pair of denim shorts for the weekend. I came home with none. They were all either too short/my size had sold out/just a horrible fit. Instead of settling on a pair that I wasn’t 100% happy with I decided to customise an old pair that I had in the house. I have plenty of crafty items so why not.
For the front of the jeans I used Fabri tac to glue some fabric to the inner pocket, I then pierced some studs through the top to hold it in place a little more securely. I studded the edge of the other pocket and used sanding paper to give them a more distressed look and also create some rips. I used my sewing machine to add lace to the bottom of the shorts. This not only looks pretty but adds a little extra length to them.
I was going to cover one of the back pockets with the same fabric used on the front, but I didn’t end up doing this. Instead I just added some studs along the tops of the pockets. 
The fabric and glue came from Crafty Creatives kits. The lace I had left over from the Wedding and the studs were left from the ones I ordered from eBay. I think they look pretty neat and love that it didn’t cost me anything to do.
Do you like what I have done with them? I was a bit unsure about the lace but its tough now, it is staying there!


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      Thank you lovely 🙂 x

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