Week in Photos #122

Week in Photos #122
I’ve made a start on my Christmas shopping this week. My cousin’s daughter loves One Direction, Louis is her favourite. She will love to have some of his make-up! I couldn’t resist a personalised make-up bag/pencil case to put it all in.
Blott has just opened in Cardiff, they have some amazing things in there. I fell in love with these Playon Crayons and am hoping that my niece will like them as much. I’ve also bought her some ‘Fun’ from Lush, it smells amazing and is supposedly like Playdoh but for use in the bath.
I went shopping today to find a pair of shorts for Rewind next week. I didn’t mange to find any, they were all either too short or didn’t have my size. Instead I decided to customise an old pair of mine. I added material, lace and studs and also used sand paper to give them a more worn look. What do you think of them? I’m not sure whether to keep the lace at the bottom or not? It does cover me up a bit more which is always a good thing so I probably will leave it. I’ll do a proper blog post about these this week.
We received an avocado in our Veg Box this week, I didn’t have a clue what to do with it so took to Twitter and had so many suggestions! I ended up using The Londoner’s Avocado Bacon Toasts recipe – it was amazing.
My hair chalks from eBay arrived and I’ve been experimenting loads. I still haven’t got to grips with how best to use them but will do a full post when I have.
I love my new shoe cupboard from IKEA 🙂 Again, post coming soon.
I liked how my hair went so took a photo.
Today’s shopping trip wasn’t a complete write off, I managed to get three t-shirts that will fit in perfectly at an 80s themed festival. My favourite has to be the Smurfs Where’s My Tent one.
This week’s veg box delivery. We had the fruit, salad and veg this week. It really is encouraging us to eat more healthy.
Some of the healthy meals have included chicken and roasted veg; turkey and falafel salad; steak with veg & potatoes; baked salmon salad.
It hasn’t all been healthy. I’ve treated myself to a Greggs Rocky Road (my new love); made beetroot cake (recipe to follow); made a mug cake (thanks Sam for helping me fix my chocolate craving!); ate KFC.
I’ve received some good post this week. My amazing giveaway prizes turned up, thanks Sarah! The bracelets will most definitely be coming to Rewind with me. I’ve also received my Macmillan coffee morning kit and some goodies from eBay.
Exciting news!! My next door neighbour’s cat had kittens yesterday and we are having one! The photos aren’t the best but if you can make it out we’re having the little tabby. The mother has thumbs (think Cravendale cats) and we think that our kitten does too! We will be getting him/her mid October and cannot wait.
I’ve painted my new eBay goodies with clear nail varnish to avoid going green. Kitty has a swollen lip bless her, she had the exact same thing around this time last year, we think she is attacking bees or wasps. As mentioned above I customised a pair of shorts earlier today. We used the Cress from our Veg box to have egg & cress on ciabatta for our tea today.

I went to Benefayre yesterday with some fellow bloggers and had such an amazing time. I curled my hair and put pink chalk in the ends which I loved, though it did feel really dry. We went for some food and Pimms afterwards which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can read my full post about Benefayre here.

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