Review : Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask and The IN Thing

Review : Blackhead Killer Peel Off Mask and The IN Thing
Last Friday I hosted The IN Thing for Cancer Research, I like to do my bit for charity and I love having girls nights in so the opportunity to combine both was something that I could not resist.  The evening consisted of watching the rugby, plenty of wine, a takeaway and some rather fetching facemasks. Perfect. 
We decided to try out the Blackhead killer peel off masks* kindly sent to me by StyleLux. We had a great giggle taking photos while wearing the masks, before we knew it they had gone stiff and the ten minutes was up so it was time to remove them. The mask was still a bit gooey on the oiler parts of my face so I left them for a while longer. The mask peeled off quite well, but it is quite a painful process, my friend Sarah was actually in tears at one point, but she will silly/drunk enough to apply it on her eyebrows! 

As for results of the mask we all commented on how our skin felt nice and soft after removal. Sarah was left with quite red skin but me and Sadie were fine. We did wonder if Sarah had some kind of reaction to it as she found it so much more painful than us and went red and blotchy. This certainly isn’t a miracle mask, my blackheads are unfortunately still there, but they have reduced and I think that with continued use there will be great results. They come in a pack of five and I would recommend using one a week for five weeks. £14.95 may seem expensive for face masks but you are paying just £2.99 per mask, less than £3 a week for clearer skin isn’t really too bad.
As well as facemasks we had a swear jar, I knew that drinking while watching the rugby would equal quite a few swear words so I could not resist this! I popped a piece of paper with the name of the person who swore into a jar each time they swore and charged 10p for each piece of paper, as you can see the jar was quite full so I couldn’t expect the girls to pay more than this! 
I also cleared my make-up out and allowed the girls to help their selves as a thank you for their donations. So far I have raised £16 but am yet to chase up the swear jar payments, I’m hoping to raise around £20 in total which isn’t too bad for a fun night in with the girls! 


    • November 28, 2013 / 8:53 pm

      It was, we had so much fun and the fact that we raised money was the icing on the cake. x

    • November 28, 2013 / 8:54 pm

      It was great, the masks are so weird but so good! x

  1. November 28, 2013 / 10:53 am

    Aaaw your night looks fun 🙂 I had the girls around for DVDs and food and managed to raise nearly £50. Such a fun way to support charity x

    • November 28, 2013 / 8:54 pm

      It was great, I would definitely do it again, such a good fun way to raise money! Well done on raising £50! x

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