Week in Photos #133

Week in Photos #133
I got my Benefit advent calendar, literally so excited about this! I reserved one a little while ago so took a trip to Cardiff to collect it yesterday. Sorry about the no make-up! 
I couldn’t get over how much Petplan’s vision of Bob looked like the real Bob, well done Petplan! 
Cute Bob and cute Kitty. Flick tends to avoid the camera. We took Bob for his second set of boosters on Friday, bless him.
We had a super busy day yesterday starting with a trip to Cardiff where I got excited by the Christmas decorations, tried my first ever PSL from Starbucks (yum), made a few purchases in the newly opened ELF store and picked up my Benefit advent calendar. 
We then went bowling in the afternoon and for a meal in the evening, such a busy day and we were both exhausted. My father-in-law retired on Thursday so we had a busy weekend celebrating. 
I picked up this pulled beef Tesco finest Microwave meal for tea on Friday, probably not very good for my diet but I was in a rubbish mood and couldn’t be-bothered to cook. It was very yummy. I gave in and cut my bracelets off, Summer is officially over. I have loads of sweets left over from Halloween, shame I don’t like sweets. The busy weekend continued today, I made a buffet for Spencer’s family, the majority of which was Slimming World and home made, I literally have not stopped until now. 
Sorry for the blurry photo but I’m finally in double figures with my weight loss (probably not now after this weekend’s antics). Some Slimming World meals this week have included turkey burgers and wedges when my friend came for tea on Tuesday evening, omelette and a hot chocolate for breakfast, meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti, a Friday night ‘fakeaway’ consisting of mushy pea curry, chicken friend rice and chips.
I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I’m looking forward to relaxing after such a busy one! This evening will be spent on the sofa catching up on X Factor and potentially watching a film – bliss.


  1. 3rd November 2013 / 8:20 pm

    The benefit advent calendar – wow! Ever so slightly jealous! x

    • 4th November 2013 / 9:13 pm

      It is pretty awesome 🙂 x

    • 4th November 2013 / 9:13 pm

      You can't help but love him x

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