Week in Photos #136 : Our First Wedding Anniversary

Week in Photos #136 : Our First Wedding Anniversary
Yesterday was mine and Spencer’s first Wedding Anniversary, I can’t believe how quickly it has come around! (click here and scroll down if you want to have a nose at our big day.). 
On Saturday we headed to McArthur Glen in Bridgend for a spot of shopping, eating and film watching. I loved Hunger Games and am really loving my new Christmas tea from Whittards. 
Part of our Wedding package included a night’s stay, meal and breakfast on the anniversary of our Wedding. We booked in for the Saturday and had such a lovely time. The food was gorgeous, the wine flowed and the company wasn’t too bad either!
Spencer had a surprise planned for me on the Sunday, afternoon tea at the Celtic Manor which was very nice.
I bought these hot chocolates at the Christmas Show last weekend, they are so delicious I’ve ordered more from Amazon.
Yummy Slimming World meals before the food & booze filled weekend.
My pom poms from Sass & Belle are looking pretty in my living room. I hosted #TheInThing on Friday, we had a lot of fun and raised a bit of cash in the process, I’ll do a detailed post shortly. I’d had such a bad weekend food wise I decided to finish it off nicely with a Dominos pizza, I’m not even sorry.
What better way to finish the post than with a cute picture of Bob.


  1. 25th November 2013 / 9:15 pm

    Awww, congratulations on your anniversary! Looks like you had a great time 🙂
    Bob is getting bigger!! Such a cutie. x

    • 25th November 2013 / 9:33 pm

      Thank you, we had such a great time!
      He is getting a little fatty now ha! x

  2. 25th November 2013 / 9:33 pm

    Big congratulations to you both on your first anniversary!

    • 25th November 2013 / 9:34 pm

      Thank you 🙂 x

  3. 25th November 2013 / 9:33 pm

    Glad you had a lovely anniversary 🙂 x

    • 25th November 2013 / 9:34 pm

      It was amazing, thanks Sam x

  4. 25th November 2013 / 9:52 pm

    Happy anniversary, looks like you had a lovely time. Your slimming world meals always look so delicious, wish I had more time/money to cook more adventurous things! xx

    • 27th November 2013 / 8:51 pm

      Thanks Jess, we did have a great time.
      I need to get motivated to start cooking again, I've completely fallen off the wagon this week! It is time consuming but so rewarding. x

  5. 26th November 2013 / 6:53 am

    Happy anniversary!! Bob is so cute!
    New follower
    Gold Dust

    • 27th November 2013 / 8:52 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Bob is amazing x

    • 27th November 2013 / 8:52 pm

      Thank you! It is scary how fast it goes, they do say time flies when you're having fun! x

  6. 26th November 2013 / 2:28 pm

    Happy anniversary! My first anniversary is next May and I can't wait haha! That Dominos looks amazing, your week in photos posts always make me hungry 🙂

    • 27th November 2013 / 8:52 pm

      Thank you, I hope you have a lovely anniversary, May might seem like a while away but it'll be here before you know it! x

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