Benefit Advent Calendar Day 5 : Mini Review

Benefit Advent Calendar Day 5 : Mini Review
On the fifth day of Christmas Benefit gave to me… 2.5ml of Benetint. This is a product I’ve tried before but I don’t think I’ve reviewed it on my blog.
This is a multi-purpose stain that can be used both on the cheeks and lips, I’m wearing it on both in the above photo. I’m not very keen on wearing it on my lips as I find it dries them out quite a lot, but it does look good under a clear lip balm which solves the dry issue. 
The stain hangs around for ages, the swatch on my hand hung around all day and only slightly faded after watching my hands a lot throughout the day.  
This works great under blusher as it gives your skin that extra ‘pop’.
All this aside this is my least favourite product in the calendar so far, stains just aren’t something that interest me. I’m lazy and just like to sweep my powder blush on and be done.
The full size 12.5ml Benetint costs £24.50 making this 2.5ml sample worth approximately £4.90.
Approximate total so far = £30.28.

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