Week in Photos #138

Week in Photos #138
I went to see Boyzone on Monday night in Cardiff. I bought the tickets ages ago as a present for my sister’s 30th Birthday. She loved Boyzone when we were growing up so I thought it was a suitable present. They were absolutely amazing live and boy have they still got it, they are hot! 
My Christmas decs are up 🙂 I love Christmas. 
I’ve been using brown paper to wrap my presents this year. I’m going to do a full post on my wrapping soon.
On Tuesday Spencer and I headed to Marks & Spencer in Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff for a delicious six course meal and a tour of the Beauty Hall. It was an amazing night and there will definitely be a full post coming soon.
This week I lost 2lbs. I’ve been up and down with this 2lbs for ages, I’m sure it’ll be back on again when I weigh tomorrow (probably with more on top).
My bedroom has had a makeover. If you missed that post you can view it here.
I haven’t been eating very well this week as I’ve been so busy. I had my first Chirstmas dinner of the year in Wetherspoons before going to see Boyzone, it was actually really nice. I had a McDonalds on Thursday as I was too busy doing housework to cook and I felt sorry for myself (women’s problems). I went for the festive burger which was delicious.
I had a little family gathering at my house on Friday night which was great, we had a few drinks and danced to Christmas songs. My mother then slept at my house ready to go to Bath with myself and my sister on the Saturday where I bought the most amazing Brownies. It was lovely to have such a family orientated weekend but it killed me, I was so glad to switch my alarm off last night.
Bob has been getting into the Christmas spirit by trashing the Christmas tree and attempting to hide in the presents when I wrap them. I bought this Amaze brush at the Ideal Home Christmas show and it really has amazed me! I hoovered the carpet on the stairs before using it and still removed all of this cat hair with it, I was both very impressed and disgusted! 


  1. December 9, 2013 / 7:08 pm

    I saw boyzone about five years ago with my mum on the rugby pitch in Bath. It poured with rain, it was muddy but it was good fun! Glad you enjoyed and there are other secret boyzone fans around!

    • December 9, 2013 / 8:57 pm

      Sometimes rainy, muddy gigs are even more fun than tame, dry ones!
      I loved them! I actually bought the tickets for my sister and went along mainly to keep her company, I liked them before but wasn't a super fan or anything. I do like them a lot more after seeing them and have already asked for their new album! x

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