Empties : October – December 2013

Empties : October – December 2013
I picked these ELF Lotion Wipes in Vanilla & Coconut up in the ELF store in Cardiff. They smell amazing, remove make-up well and leave the skin feeling nice. The only downside with these is that at £3.75 a pack they are quite expensive in comparison to most other wipes. Despite the price I would re-purchase these as and when I’m in the ELF store as I don’t use wipes that often.
I was given this Estee Lauder Night Repair sample in Boots a while back. Unfortunately this broke me out in awful spots. I wouldn’t re-purchase this as it doesn’t agree with my skin.
Lacoste Touch of Pink is my old favourite perfume and I still enjoy using it now and again. It isn’t my favourite perfume ever but it is one that I will go back to time and time again. I’m pretty sure that I will re-purchase this one day.
This Matte It Primer from The Body Shop has lasted me ages, it may seem a little pricey at £12 but when you take into account the length of time it lasts it really isn’t too expensive at all. This reminds me a little of Benefit’s Porefessional. It feels matte on the skin and melts in nicely. I would probably re-purchase this, but am trying out several primers at the moment so may find something that I prefer.
This sample of Clarins Multi Active Night Lotion didn’t really last long enough for me to get a real feel for it. It did leave the skin feeling nice and soft and is definitely something that I would like to try more of so would re-purchase.
Another pot of Lush Angel’s on Bare Skin gone. I use this every morning now and am still enjoying using it. It smells amazing and keeps my skin in decent condition. This is a regular re-purchase.
My dandruff is about fifty million times worse than normal in the Winter months, as a result I rely heavily on my Head & Shoulders shampoo. This is a regular re-purchase.
The Winter months mean that I don’t shave as often (Winter warmth and all that!) but I still managed to get through another can of Gillette shaving gel. This is another regular re-purchase.
I am seriously in love with Primark’s Reed Diffusers and am always buying them. I tend to have one in my living room and one in my bedroom at all times. Both of these smelt amazing. These are a regular re-purchase.
I really love the smell of Lynx Attract for Her. I tend to pick it up as and when I see it. It is a semi regular re-purchase.
I will almost always pick up a pack of Primark’s exfoliating face wipes when I am in store. They are so cheap and the exfoliating bumps make them feel a lot more luxurious than most other face wipes. These are a regular re-purchase.
The Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing lotion used to be a product that I would rave about. I still think it works wonders but it is very harsh on the skin. It never left my skin dry but my skin is greasy, it would take a lot to leave this dry, but it could make my skin feel quite tight. The older I’m getting the more conscious I am becoming of skincare. I won’t be re-purchasing this purely because I think at my age I need to be using more sensitive products.
None of these samples really stood out as there simply wasn’t enough product in the sachets. I have used Benefit’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion previously and it is a product that I enjoy using and would consider re-purchasing
The HD Powder from ELF has become one of my everyday products that I cannot live without. It doesn’t completely solve my problem of greasy skin but it does prolong the shine free period and it is super purse friendly at just £6. This is a regular re-purchase.
Angel’s on Bare Skin has been mentioned above.
I’m sure that I had this Accessorize Fibre Length Mascara for far too long, I have a tendency to use mascaras for a longer period than they are probably fit! You can read my original review here. I wasn’t really bowled over by this mascara so I kept it purely for day use. I won’t re-purchase.

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