Cool Cat Collars

Cool Cat Collars
I actually get quite excited when it comes to new collar time, though I’m pretty sure my poor cats hate me. I wasn’t sure what to get for them this time around so just googled quirky cat collars. I came across Cool Cat Collars and well, there were plenty of ohs, ahs and squeals.
I bought the smiley face bow tie for the man of the house, Bob, for £6.99.
I opted for the star bow tie for the ladette of the house, Kitty, for £6.99.
Last but not least pretty little Flick had the gingham heart, again priced at £6.99.
Bob’s collar is difficult to see under his masses of fur, but it looks so cute poking out. The bell is really quite loud and this is his first collar so he wasn’t so keen on it at first, but he seems to be okay with it now.
Ignore hubby’s feet here, lazy sod! Kitty’s looks absolutely fab on her, it suits her so well.
No matter how much I like ridiculous cat collars even I have to admit that Flick’s is just too over the top. The heart was too big and stiff, I tried it at the front, side and back but bless her she was so uncomfortable and really freaked out, growling when I went near her.
The great thing about these collars is that the novelty part is actually attached to a pretty decent collar, which is nice in its own right. As a result Flick is now wearing a pretty, yet simple, gingham collar.
Kitty and Bob’s bow ties are already a little worse for wear after just two days, but cats have claws and scratch a lot, especially when they have large items dangling from their necks! I’ll probably take the bows off in a week or two and just leave the cool collar behind.


My poor, my poor cats hey…


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