Pet Pawtrait – Competition Entry

Pet Pawtrait – Competition Entry

hand drawn portrait of couple with cats

When I received an email about the Pet Pawtraits competition run by Animal Friends I knew that I had to enter with this family portrait that I had drawn up for Spencer’s first Wedding anniversary present back in November. 
A lot of effort went into this portrait. The first difficulty was convincing hubby to pose for the photo without telling him why. Luckily he isn’t very inquisitive so I managed to fob him off with a little white lie and told him that it was for a blog post, thankfully he has a memory like a goldfish so never asked to see the finished blog post! 

The second difficulty was trying to get all three cats to sit on the sofa with us. A little bit of bribery and a lot of cheese later we managed to get a few semi-decent photos. Thankfully these photos were enough for Paige to use to put together one pretty awesome watercolour portrait for us! 
This portrait shows our little family off perfectly, Kitty sleeping, Spencer on his laptop wearing his scruffy/comfy clothes with Bob annoying him, me on my iPad and Flick sat on the sideline not quite joining in but looking in curiously. 
Do you have any family pawtraits?

Edit 11 March 2014.

It turns out that my entry is invalid as the terms specify that the entry has to be a photo, that’ll teach me for never reading the T&Cs! Unfortunately I no longer have the original photos of this portrait so I am going to be using another entry of just myself and Bob.

colourful cat jumper

When I spotted this jumper in H&M I couldn’t resist for two reasons. A) I’m a crazy cat lady, why wouldn’t I want to own it? and B) the cat is a mutli-coloured version of my very own Bob! There is definitely a likeness, can you see it?


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      Thank you 🙂 x

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