Tag : Oh No, Not Another Tag!

Tag : Oh No, Not Another Tag!
I was tagged by Ellie of Misellyre to take part in this fun tag, thanks for tagging me!


You’ve made it BIG & bagged some VIP Fashion Week tickets. You lucky devil you. But in your rush to get there & get yourself noticed you forgot your VIP Passes. The guy on the door says he will cut you a deal, you can go in only if you sacrifice either your Front Row seat, backstage privileges or goody bag. What’s it gonna be? 


This is probably an unpopular choice but I would sacrifice my front row seat. I hate being the centre of attention and sitting front row I would be so paranoid that I may be caught on camera and wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself properly. It would actually be a bit of a relief not to have to sit front row!


You’re making a new Subscription box, what 4 items & which dreaded perfume sample would you include in it? 


This is so difficult as we all have completely different preferences when it comes to subscription boxes. Mine would be a complete mixture, a bit like my blog! Mine would be geared towards pampering so I would include a luxury tea sample, a candle, a face mask and a delicious bar of raw chocolate. For the perfume I would opt for Beyonce’s Midnight Heat, purely because this is the last perfume sample that I received and loved (I actually went on to request and receive the perfume for Christmas!).


What’s your biggest blogging bug bear? The one thing guaranteed to make your blood boil & have you screaming/eye rolling at your laptop?


I have to agree with Ellie on the bad punctuation and small photos, these two things do make reading a blog less pleasant. My main bug bear is drama and bitchiness. We all share common interests so why can’t we all just get along?


No more joining in Twitter chats only slightly relevant to your blog. You can only join in one blogger chat a week for the rest of your blogging days, which one’s it gonna be & why? 


I rarely join in the Twitter chats because with working full-time and writing a blog I don’t always have the time. The only one that I have ever taken part in is #BBloggers so I guess that is the one that I would go for!


‘Fess up, do you actually own any MAC? If so what don’t you like about the product? 


The only Mac products that I own are lipsticks and the Studio Fix foundation. I have no qualms whatsoever with the lipsticks but do find the foundation can be a little orange if applied too heavily.


The blogging Gods ban arm swatching, which body part will you swatch on now? 


I would show the product on the part of the body that it is used. I always try to do this in review posts anyway, I personally prefer to see lipsticks on the lips, etc.


You can no longer have Yankee Candles & Perfume Bottles in the background of your shots, what other inanimate object will you choose?


I don’t actually tend to do this anyway. I would just opt for a plain background such as my white brick wall wallpaper or my white wooden floor which is what I usually use.


Your blogs Instagram – is it for cats or meal shots?


Both! My Instagram is probably more ‘well known’ for food photos but I do often include photos of my cute little babies 🙂
Thanks for tagging me Ellie!
I tag anyone who would like to join in. Please let me know in the comments or Twitter if you take part.
This is a scheduled post as I am currently in Chester.

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