Top Fashion Tips and Advice for Busy Mums – Guest Post

Top Fashion Tips and Advice for Busy Mums – Guest Post
Being a mum isn’t easy. Trying to keep the balance in a hectic home,
while also trying to find time for you can be difficult, but it’s entirely
possible with a little organisation and a little less faffing. Take every
obstacle as it comes, stay chilled out and fun, and your kids will see how
stress-free you can be!

That being said, you still have to try and make time for you. Whether
that’s organising a date night with your hubby every once in a while, or waking
up 15 minutes earlier than the kids just so that you can enjoy a quiet cup of
coffee, time for you is essential if you want to be the vision of calm that you
long to be.

One thing that can sometimes be forgotten when you’re a busy mum is a
sense of style. Fashion plays a huge part in most women’s lives, but as soon as
kids come along that can easily fall by the wayside. No longer are you thinking
about your stylish wardrobe – choosing instead to think about what clothes can
be thrown on in a hurry before you have to run out of the door and what will
show up the least crushed biscuit or smushed banana. If this sounds like you,
and you’d like to get an element of style back in your life, here’s some quick tips
and easy advice that might help:
  • Weigh up style versus functionality. Sure, it’d be fabulous to have a wardrobe full to the brim of gorgeous clothes that are both stylish and at the height of fashion, but think reasonably. Will you have the time in the morning to get dressed in any of it? Comfortable clothes are essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel unfeminine and frumpy.
  • Grab some skinny jeans. They look awesome with flats as well as boots and heels and they go with everything! 
  • Pick clothes that show off your body shape. Rather than throwing on the same, threadbare jumper that you always rely on, pick up some of the George women’s jumpers which will compliment your shape, such as the gorgeous Eyelash Star Jumper for £14, paired with a simple cream collared shirt and some stonewash skinnies. 
  • Wear flats, unless you wouldn’t feel right without a pair of heels on. Flats are far more sensible for the school run and running errands, and there are some gorgeous styles out there to choose from which can ensure you’re still looking fashionable, such as ballet pumps, or some customised hi-tops
  • Black will always be in fashion, and a simple black shirt in your wardrobe is an easy fashion fix when you’re stuck for what to wear. Plus, dark colours hide stains better! 
  • Pick fabrics that are ‘easy’ – tumble dryable cottons, for example, won’t need ironing before you throw them on and will look effortlessly stylish. Avoid dry clean and hand wash items – they’ll just sit at the bottom of the laundry pile for months!

Make sure that your wardrobe is mum-friendly. This doesn’t mean you need
to stop looking good – it just means you will have plenty of clothes that will
complement your lifestyle and your
sense of style. Don’t forget that, despite having kids, you need to think of
yourself too! 

*Please note that I have been compensated for publishing this guest post*


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