Week in Photos #154

Week in Photos #154
I decided to share this beautiful photo of me and my big sister for National Sibling day. It would seem that I was a poser even back then! 
Meals this week : Lamb, veg & roast potatoes | use-y upp-y week randomness of cottage pie and rice | Chinese rice with king prawns and chicken | bacon roll.
Going into work on Monday morning and seeing these two beautiful cakes certainly made the day seem a whole lot better | A few of  us have started walking in our dinner hour, I went on my first walk on Friday and am still aching today, they said they would ease me in gently… | Friday was my last day in work until 23 April so I came home with early Birthday cards and an Easter Egg. My Birthday is the same day as Easter this year and it felt strange to be receiving both so early.
On Saturday : Wore my new glasses from Abby‘s giveaway | Caught up with some friends over a delicious Frankie & Benny’s breakfast | Played retro games including Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog | Drank a beer just because it has our surname on it, we then had friends over for a few more alcoholic beverages.
I received an email today for a free Birthday meal at our local Table Table. We go there quite often and were a little disappointed with the service tonight, it was stupidly slow. The voucher also stated that as the card holder my meal would be free, so I ordered the most expensive meal in the form of a Mixed Grill, upon payment they had taken the cheapest meal off the bill. Apparently this was in the terms & conditions, I checked when I got home and it wasn’t. I am awaiting a response to my complaint on their website. | We enjoyed sharing some Egg ‘n’ Spoon between us earlier, I love Easter! 
We’re going on holiday to North Wales tomorrow until Friday, followed by a night in Chester. I’ve spent most of today scheduling posts and actually have one up for each day, including one guest post. Quite ironic that the week I’m away my blog will actually have more content than in a normal week! I hope you enjoy it.


    • April 22, 2014 / 3:57 pm

      Thank you 🙂 it was great and there will be posts a'plenty soon! x

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