Week in Photos #168

Week in Photos #168
Bob is such a cute little cat I can’t resist taking photos of him, constantly! We put a new cat flap in last week and he is the only one that has mastered it so far, the two older ones are very wary of it and we are struggling to teach them. One uses it when we have it taped open and the other point blank refuses! Poor little Bob is very fluffy and has been struggling with the heat this weekend.
I have seen photos of this drink popping up everywhere so couldn’t resist adding a bottle each to our weekly shop which arrived this morning. It didn’t disappoint, I can see this becoming a weekly treat when I do the online shop. I’ve been trying to convince hubby to go pick me some flowers from the overgrown garden in the empty house next door so that I can put them in the now empty bottle, he has refused.
As I’m sure you all know by now we went to Ireland last week. Obviously I had to take the obligatory flight and gown photos! The flight was lovely, it was only something like 45 minutes.
We went to a Wedding evening at the Gower, Swansea where they had a very pretty swing and fireworks on the lake. You can view my outfit post here.
Food, food, food! We went old school with Viennetta || a mid-week roast || Naughty McDonalds || Dippy egg and soldiers for breakfast.
Chi Espresso Coconut milk – so nice! || keeping it plain with chicken & salad as I had a dicky tummy || Guinness chocolate treats from Ireland || Chinese five spice chicken.
Homemade turkey burgers on the first BBQ of the year yesterday || Served the burgers with herby cous cous and salad || Salmon parcels and salad for lunch today || Our lovely roast dinner tea today, I put a little too much gravy browning in but it still tasted good.
Yesterday we finally put our new lights up in the bedroom || I enjoy nothing more than chilling in my PJs while catching up on reading blogs || I got rid of the dead flowers and trimmed the surviving ones down to get another day out of them || When I’m not in my PJs I enjoy a cold larger in the sunshine.
I was so annoyed that my internet wouldn’t work on my day off work Thursday, it turns out there was a problem with Sky Talk in South Wales, thankfully it was fixed quite quickly || I went to a baby shower today where we had these delicious cupcakes || Painting my nails in the garden || Today’s outfit, full post to come. 
Sorry about the photo overload, this is two weeks worth of photos. I didn’t get around to doing this post last week as my hand has been hurting for the past three weeks and I just couldn’t face putting this post together with the pain. I’ve had an X-Ray and am waiting for my results, I am also taking Naproxen which are helping to ease the pain a lot. 
The second apology is that this post is so late in the day! I rely on my photostream via iCloud for this post and it stops working quite often which is very frustrating. I followed this video for a fix today and it seems to have solved the problem, for now. Roll on September when I can upgrade and move away from Apple.

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