Event : Lush Cardiff Summer Blogger Event

Event : Lush Cardiff Summer Blogger Event
On Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to be invited along to Lush Cardiff to be introduced to some Summer essentials including their brand new sun care range. Before the event began I of course had to take a few photos, Lush is such a nice place to take photos, everything is so pretty! 
We were split into groups and taken to different stations to preview a product range. Waterloo Tea Gardens were also waiting for us at each station with a tea and cake to compliment each other. Unfortunately I had severe heartburn this evening (pregnancy joys) so didn’t sample much. I couldn’t resist trying the chocolate and salted caramel cake which was absolutely beautiful. 
The first station that I visited was the sun care station. Now I have serious baby brain going on at the moment so am struggling to remember everything that we were told on the evening but I do remember that there were some very interesting products in the sun care range. The ones that stuck out to me the most were the Powdered Sunshine and the Sunblock. The Powdered Sunshine has an SPF 15 and is sprinkled onto the skin then rubbed in, I always come back from holidays with a sunburnt scalp so this product will be ideal to sprinkle into my hair and protect my scalp. The Sunblock is literally a block which you apply in the shower, this has an SPF 30, I am particularly fond of this because of the fact that you apply it in the shower, I am a lot less likely to forget about applying my protection if I can do it when I shower. 
The next station was the self-preserving range. You may well recognise some of these products as they are long time favourites of many. These products have now been changed slightly to make them self-preserving by taking out the preservatives and adding substitutions such as honey. The products are still as great as ever, some even better – Charity Pot I’m talking about you, it smells so much better now with a gorgeous floral fragrance. You can read more about the self-preserving range here.
The third and final station was the perfume station. I love the packaging of the perfumes but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of the majority of the fragrances. My favourite of the lot is Vanilla, this is something that I would wear.
I couldn’t resist a few purchases as my skin really isn’t great since becoming pregnant. My skin has gone from being very oily to being a little bit oily with severe dry patches and very bad acne so I decided to treat myself to a face mask. I was recommended Cosmetic Warrior which contains garlic (!), I used it for the first time today and my skin looked instantly brighter and felt instantly softer. I also decided to purchase the Dream Cream as the skin on my legs is dry and flaky at the moment, this is recommended for people with eczema so will hopefully blitz my dry skin woes. The rest of the products were kindly given to us in our goody bags – thank you to Lush Cardiff and Waterloo Tea for a lovely evening and the generous goodies! 

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