Pregnancy Journey : Symptoms up to Week 13

Pregnancy Journey : Symptoms up to Week 13
When we first found out we were pregnant it didn’t feel real, I had no symptoms except for tender boobs which is something that I suffer with quite regularly anyway, the few people who I told were shocked because I looked so well, I really doubted the positive tests for a while.
Don’t get me wrong, looking back there were a few symptoms before I even knew I was pregnant, but I didn’t really associate them with pregnancy at the time. I went off coffee pretty much straight away, I had heartburn more often than usual, I woke up with cramp one night and boy was I tired. So tired that I actually went to the Doctors for an anaemia test!
Then came week seven and suddenly I knew I was pregnant. Ever since week seven I have been sick every single morning without fail, I feel nauseous for the majority of the day, I’m hungry but the thought of most foods makes me feel even more sick. I have good days where I am only sick in the morning and bad days where I am sick several times throughout the day.
I have found that ginger biscuits don’t work, in fact they make me even sicker. Plain biscuits don’t stop the sickness but are good to nibble on when I can’t stomach much else, travel sickness bands don’t work for me, not eating anything makes me worse, no matter how much the thought of food makes you feel you must eat.
As for the heartburn I hate to say it but chocolate does make it worse, eating bland foods is the best thing to do, but even then I can still get it really bad. Carrying a bottle of Gaviscon around at all times is a must.
A strange symptom I have experienced and am still experiencing is phlegm. Both my Doctor and Midwife have told me that this will not be linked to my pregnancy and that it must be hay fever. I know my body and I know that I have never experienced anything like this until now. A quick Google search also tells me that this is in fact pregnancy related and is called Pregnancy Rhinitis. The phlegm situation certainly doesn’t help with the nausea situation!
My skin has been changing a lot, it has gone from being extremely greasy to being extremely dry, dry to the point that my make-up sits in cracks and I’ve had to change to using a more intensive moisturiser. 
They say that pregnant people will experience more vivid dreams throughout pregnancy, that has most definitely been the case for me. I’ve had some very bizarre dreams, some have actually been quite scary. 
I’ve been waking up to use the loo in the middle of the night, but I have being going to bed a lot earlier than usual so I’m not actually sure if I am peeing more or if this is just because I’m in bed for a longer period of time! 
One of my feet is very swollen, the other is completely fine! It has been swollen since probably around week ten, to the point that even putting a sock on is absolutely agonising.
The first trimester has most definitely been a very miserable trimester for me, bring on trimester two!

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  1. August 23, 2014 / 4:49 pm

    Ah, it sounds like you're having a rough time of it!

    I didn't experience any symptoms in my first trimester! My first indicator to get a test done was when my belly button felt like it was 'stretching'. I was tired, but that's a constant for me regardless so I didn't find it unusual. When I felt the belly button stretching I got a test, and all was confirmed. I had no other symptoms. Also, we was actually further gone than expected and it made sense as to why my belly button felt that so 'early', it turned out on our 12 week scan that I was actually 20, so y'know. Basically breezed through my first trimester, missing 8 weeks of it! My third trimester was the worst for me!

    I hope your symptoms lessen soon though – and that the second trimester is easier for you.

    Also, side note, I live in the South Wales Valleys and I would advice anyone to go with their own instincts than fully listen to what the health professionals are saying. I had a terrible time with my pregnancy – much to their incompetence.
    Bits & Bobs

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