Pregnancy Journey : Week 13 Symptoms

Pregnancy Journey : Week 13 Symptoms

I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going, we are now fourteen weeks and in the second trimester.

The tiredness is no where near as difficult to handle. I still struggle with my long working hours, 8:30 – 5:30, I’m usually ready to go home for a nap by around 3pm but I fight through it and am actually managing to stay awake as late as 10pm some evenings, rock ‘n’ roll!

I’m still suffering with real bad heartburn and carrying my Gaviscon wherever I go. I have started to learn what foods trigger the heartburn, now that I am avoiding those foods I suffer with it a lot less.

The sickness took a turn for the worse at the beginning of this week. I had several days where I was literally being sick all day and night and even had to take a day off work ill. Week 13 left me feeling very down and sorry for myself as I had really hoped that the sickness would have subsided a little by now. Saturday (the last day of week 13) saw me only being sick in the morning and going out for Afternoon Tea and eating my share without feeling nauseous, I’m hoping this is the start of the changing symptoms.

The phlegm, aka pregnancy rhinitis, is still very much there. It is worse in the mornings (when I’m always sick) and on the days that I am being sick more often.

My skin is still dry and I’m still suffering with acne. My foot is also still swollen and painful.

A new symptom to add to the list is pins and needles in my hand in the middle of the night. It is incredibly frustrating and keeps waking me up, Google tells me that this is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and is very common in pregnant women.

As for my weight, so far I have lost six pounds – I’ve been assured that this is completely normal due to how ill I have been and is nothing to worry about. My belly is definitely getting bigger so baby is growing, I am going to try and remember to include a bump photo on this update next week, but baby brain may result in that being forgotten!

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