Pregnancy Journey : Week 17 Symptoms & Update

Pregnancy Journey : Week 17 Symptoms & Update
My symptoms are pretty much exactly the same as last week, I’m still being sick every morning but am definitely starting to feel more like me which is great. I’m still not the most energetic but there is definitely more life in me than there was. I had my 16 week midwife appointment last week, you can read about that here.
Due to the fact that my symptoms seem to be easing up a lot and I have more energy to compile a post I’m going to turn these weekly posts into updates, similar to my previous week in photos posts but more pregnancy focused and they won’t be on a set day as they previously were, they will be when I have the energy to sit down and do them!
My bump at 18 weeks and 2 days.
We had plans of saving up for a lovely new bathroom with new flooring and new floor to ceiling tiles. With baby coming along we decided just to do half a job and replace the bath, sink and toilet leaving the rest. A few tiles have been damaged in the process so we’re just placing a waterproof tile effect plastic panel there for the time being as we can’t afford to re-tile the whole bathroom. As the fitting is a DIY job the progress is slow but we are definitely getting there.
We didn’t plan to buy any baby goodies until after the 20 week scan, but we could not resist this bargain. We managed to get a Silver Cross pram complete with new born attachment, rain covers, baby changing bag and cosy toes for £55 from the local charity shop, we really couldn’t leave it there at that price! 
As both of my parents are diabetic I need to have the test for pregnancy diabetes, my appointment letter came through the other day. I am absolutely dreading the boredom of sitting around in between tests for two hours. I must remember to take a book.
I’ve been trailing this lovely set which I will be reviewing shortly. I bought these mum to be pillows from Argos in the quest for a better night sleep. I really hope they help! 
I’ve also just upgraded my phone, no more iPhone for me, I decided it was time for a change so opted for the LG G3, so far I am loving it. All of the photos in this post were taken with the phone.


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