Pregnancy Journey : Week 18 Symptoms & Update

Pregnancy Journey : Week 18 Symptoms & Update
Not a lot of change in the symptoms again, the heartburn seems to be occurring less frequently which is great. I’m still being sick every morning and my hips are still hurting a lot. The pillow that I showed you last week does seem to ease the pain a little during the night which is a huge relief as I can actually get a decent night’s sleep now. 
I had my flu jab last week which was fine, it hurt a little and my arm ached that day and the next but other than that it was fine, thankfully I didn’t experience any flu like symptoms afterwards.

As for my weight I have gained one pound this week which brings my total pregnancy weight change to minus eight pounds.

I’ve been struggling to find maternity clothes in stores, most seem to stock it on-line only which is annoying as I’m not really a fan of clothes shopping on-line. I popped into my local New Look on my dinner hour one day and was shocked to see that they actually stock a decent maternity range, it was such a shock as New Look in Cardiff don’t stock any! This is one of those NL maternity tops taken at 18 weeks and 6 days.
I’ve realised that I really need to start clearing things out before this baby comes along, I am going to loose a lot of my storage space as the spare room currently holds my cosmetics stash which is huge, this will need to be the nursery so things have to change. One of the small things that I have started to do is empty my perfume sample box, I am not buying any more perfume until this box is empty. It is actually working out quite well as I am keeping a list of the perfumes that I like and will quite possibly distribute said list at Christmas time.
Other goings on have been : hosting a surprise baby shower for my friend who is also pregnant, full post to come on that shortly. Another of my friends bought me this lovely card to congratulate myself and Spencer, I didn’t even know you could get mum-to-be cards! We’ve finally received our third Meerkat, Aleksandr himself! 

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  1. 30th September 2014 / 7:21 pm

    Oh no can't believe you are still being sick you poor thing! Nearly half way there xx

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