22 Week Pregnancy Update

22 Week Pregnancy Update
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been suffering a lot with heartburn which has been making me sick and just not in the mood for sitting at a computer. A few things have happened since my last update so make yourself comfortable! 
With regard to my symptoms things are a lot better nowadays. I wasn’t sick today or yesterday, I’m not convinced that the sickness every morning wasn’t related to acid, if that is the case hopefully taking my Omeprazole reflux tablets will mean that the sickness is no more. My hips are still very painful, the Doctor diagnosed this as hip bursitis at my appointment on Friday, however after talking to two of my friends who have experienced Pelvic Girdle Pain both them and me are convinced that this is what I have and the Doc is wrong, my one friend currently suffering from it is due in two weeks so once she has had the baby I am going to try using her support belt to see if it helps. The stitch is also still very bad when walking and is getting me down a bit. 
I think I’ve started feeling baby move, though I’m not totally sure. I have a lot of flutters which feel a lot like wind, but I don’t seem to have that much wind so I’m guessing that it is baby moving about! 
I had put on two pounds when I weighed this morning and one pound last week, my total weight change so far is now minus five pounds.
The twenty week scan was amazing, as expected I caved and asked to find out the sex and …. baby had their legs closed tight together so they couldn’t tell us! I’m a great believer in fate and think I was meant to have my surprise after all. 
The photo on the left is me at 21 weeks + 2, I’m having to wear nighties as PJ tops now because all of my PJ tops are too short for me! The photo on the right is me at 21 weeks + 6 showing off my lovely new maternity dress from New Look. I’ve never been able to wear tight fitting dresses due to having a large tummy, I’m now making the most of having an excuse to have a large tummy by wearing tight dresses. I really do need to start taking some outfit photos to show you my maternity clothes. 
I am absolutely, totally in love with these tablets. I have been taking them since Friday and haven’t had heartburn since *touches wood*. Amazing.
I really need to give in and get myself a maternity coat, my current coat is often popping open. New Look have emailed me a £10 discount voucher as I haven’t shopped on-line for a while so I think I’ll use that against a maternity coat from there.
My appetite is most definitely back and with that comes my need for chocolate, this particular chocolate was amazing I treated myself to some Lush festive goodies and had a lovely bath yesterday My mother-in-law bought us the cutest little baby grows I went to watch Calamity Jane in Cardiff on Saturday which was great, we even got to meet Tom Lister at the stage door *swoon*, this is me and my friend Claire with him, Claire is also pregnant and actually due in two weeks time, so exciting! Claire can get the practice in and then come and help me when I  have mine in February and she is in expert! 
After talking to my mother yesterday I discovered that there seems to be a bit of a running theme in my family with Wales playing France in the Six Nations on major events, our baby is due the week before Wales play France in the Six Nations. Wales played France the day my mam & dad got married and won, the day I was born and won, the day Gracie (my sister’s daughter) was born and lost. I now have a feeling baby will be arriving a week late! 


  1. 20th October 2014 / 7:29 pm

    Loving your bump 🙂 The flutters you've described sound like the baby moving – that's what it was like for me, the best description I could give was that it felt like my belly was being flicked from the inside – after a while you'll figure out what the feelings are, but it sounds like the baby to me 🙂 I started feeling movement around 20 weeks, but didn't realise that's what it was until about 22 weeks 🙂 I'm so excited for you!!! I miss being pregnant, although I'm loving having a baby even more 🙂

    Mummy Pixie

  2. 20th October 2014 / 8:21 pm

    Is this your first? You've really done yourself a favour by having a baby before 30. Here's to your motherhood!

  3. 22nd October 2014 / 11:04 am

    Loving your bump. I definitely think that is baby you are feeling I had the same kind of flutters to begin with and then the big kicks start and you know its baby then lol!

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