25 Week Pregnancy Update

25 Week Pregnancy Update
My sickness is all over the place lately, sometimes I have it every day than I can go a week without it. I think it is about a week since I was last sick but this morning I did really feel sick and had a few dry gags, which personally I find worse than actually being sick! The hip and knee pain is now really, really getting me down, I really don’t think that this wet, cold weather is helping me at all. I’m still getting a lot of stitch.
Baby is still moving a lot but nothing visible from the outside and Spencer still can’t feel the kicks. 
I have my twenty five week midwife appointment on Wednesday, my midwife was on holiday at my last appointment so hopefully I will see her at this one, I’ve only met her once so far! 
I’ve put a pound on this week bringing my total weight change to minus two pounds. 
All four (five including bump!) of us enjoyed a much needed lie in on Sunday, I seriously rely on weekend lie ins so much lately! 
My baby bump today at 25 weeks and two days. I am getting desperate for new work tops! 
I’ve really been getting into the Christmas spirit, helped along nicely with a Christmas present from my local Tiger store, Turkey, stuffing & cranberry baguettes and Starbucks red cups! I’ve also decided that being pregnant doesn’t mean I have to be a Scrooge, so I bought a XL men’s jumper and a suitably tacky bobble hat.
Spencer and I before going for a meal with his family on Friday Spencer and I both enjoyed these hot chocolates last night. 

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